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Are you looking for paradise? Go to the South Vietnam, the unreal, tropical part of this beautiful country. Because you can find your paradise there, on the idyllic beaches or exotic island of Phu Quoc. Mystical Mekong delta you can explore by boat. In the narrow canals under palms leaves you can feel like in an adventure movie. It?s quite a different experience from walking the streets of a modern, bustling city like Ho Chi Min, which is interesting as well.

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Phu Quoc

Being a Vietnamese Island off the coast of Cambodia and the Gulf of Thailand, the place is vividly known for its white-sand beaches and relaxing resorts. A must be visited place for endless entertainments.

Cu Chi tunnels

Cu Chi tunnels are a man-made masterpiece which has enabled the country to be connected to a chain of networks. It allows everyone to explore the country easily and at a lower cost, comparatively.

Ben Thanh Market

Apart from sight seeing, you would definity want to buy memories for your loved ones. Well, Ben Thanh Market is the right place with antique handicrafts at an affordable price which are perfect for a gift.

Independence Palace

The moment of wonder, how Vietnam got its freedom of great interest to most visitors where the Independence Palace would require your couple of precious hours to take a glance and note down amazing memories.

War Remnants Museum

Memories from a war of freedom become more exciting when it is visually displayed. The War Remnants Museum allows its visitors to click snaps of weapons, artillery, and other things easily.

Saigon Notre Dame

Religion in Vietnam is never left unheard where every sect is equally respected. Witness it with your eyes through a short visit to the Saigon Notre Dame, a cathedral church purely constructed with baked bricks in an ancient era.

Po Nagar

Temples are often expanded, but, a story construction of the temple is only witnessed in Vietnam, the Po Nagar Temple. A masterpiece of attraction with collaborated pictures detailing the history awaiting you to be snapped.

Pham Ngu Lao Street

Rejoicing the nightlife is well experienced at the Pham Ngu Lao Street with expansive food stalls and bars to be enjoyed. The prices are quite attractive and a tiring touring day could be well-ended here.

Saigon Post Office

In this era, the ease of communication increases the curiosity of ancient times. This is well explained through the postal office of Vietnam which has its vaults furnished to the place, answering visitor questions.