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Central Vietnam is a great cultural experience.The imperial city of Hue, the capital of Nguyen dynasty, which ruled from 1802 to 1945, lets you see and feel the lifestyle of old rulers. The UNESCO World Heritage Town of Hoi An in time of full moon has the lantern festival, what is an unbelievable adventure. My Son ruins, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an impressive Hindu temple complex of Cham Empire. And you know what? It?s only a beginning. There is many, many more to see.

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Ethnic Hilltribe, Kon Tum

A crazy yet life experiencing thing to do in Vietnam is to spend a night/day with a traditional hill tribe family at Sapa. The experience brings you the knowledge of sufferings and efforts to live a below average tough life, happily.

The Gia Lai

Trekking along with your loved one or a best friend can be more memorable if it's on a beautiful sight. The Gia Lai is a beautiful highland situated at Pleiku surrounded by intense greenery, waiting to welcome you on a lovely walk.

Bach Ma National Park, Hue

A well-maintained national park of Vietnam, however, has great strictness in order to be tress-passed. Yet, a great place to be visited having arrangements made by the central government for the tourists.

Phu Cuong Waterfalls

Vietnam has several beautiful waterfalls and every other is beautiful in their own way. Similarly, the Phu Cuong is one such place where naturally-cut mountains make the scenery even glamorous and perfect memories could be snapped.

Phong Nha Cave

Nature is more heard when you travel along with it. The Phong Nha Cave is a marine experience and its aquatic refreshment could be felt when a boat ride is taken. A must visit place for a perfect mind freshman.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang

Being a nature admirer, this is the perfect spot to give a visit where satisfying water bliss surrounds the environment and a joyful ride in a luxury boat can be enjoyed with a sight of nature's wildlife.

Nha-Ke Bang National Park

Exploring uniqueness is an adventure itself and when it comes to a whole huge cave, it becomes even exciting. The national park at Nha-Ke allows you to discover unique birds, go on hiking/mountain biking, etc.

Son Doong Cave

Being amongst the top national parks of Vietnam, the Son Doong Cave allows the tourists to spend a moment with their families and friends inside a cave which also has a zip line ride to allow easy access to different areas of the cave.

Lak Lake

Indulging along with the colors of the seasons, the Lak Lake displays a magnificent scene, especially during the sunset. A boat ride can also be enjoyed over the silent river. It is a place which can even be enjoyed alone.

Cathedral of Kon Tum

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Kon Tum is a place where the wooden craft can be seen for its amazing beauty. The church is beautifully designed from wood which is an expensive import which keeps the building safe from water and destructive.

Dray Sap

Dray Sap and Gia long are much similar to each other and closely located, however, the Dray Sap allows the visitors to sit on the rocks and enjoy the glimpse. A perfect place for picnics and parties.
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