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Central Vietnam is a great cultural experience.The imperial city of Hue, the capital of Nguyen dynasty, which ruled from 1802 to 1945, lets you see and feel the lifestyle of old rulers. The UNESCO World Heritage Town of Hoi An in time of full moon has the lantern festival, what is an unbelievable adventure. My Son ruins, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an impressive Hindu temple complex of Cham Empire. And you know what? It?s only a beginning. There is many, many more to see.

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Tomb of Khai Dinh

Every country's leader is an inspiration and when it comes to Vietnam, the Tomb of the 11th Emperor, Khai Dinh, is another place to be seen and learned about his servings and contributions.

Cham Islands

Being an Island, Vietnam hardly has deserted areas, however, the Cham Island fills this gap and attracts desert admirers to give a visit and spend their day/night with along the Island on white sand and snap some memories.

My Khe Beach

A white sandy beach which allows the tourists to take some perfect shots of images to keep safe as a memory back home, My Khe Beach is a pure refreshing place to visit, especially for the sunset and the sunrise.

Son Tra (Monkey Mountain)

The most popular mountain in Vietnam which is also amongst the national parks of the country is beautifully located in between marvelous beaches such as Bai Bac, Bai Nam, etc. The mountain also has a collection of rare monkey species.

Hai Van Pass

A beautiful monument which has been naturally created but carved by the skills of humans in Vietnam. This is probably amongst the wonders of the world as it makes a way towards the border of the country in between mountains.

Cham Museum

It becomes even interesting when a museum full of sculptures is visited and every different piece of art explains its story differently. The Cham Museum is one similar place to be where the country's culture is explained by sculptures.

Da Nang Cathedral

French architecture is well-known all around the world and it can also be witnessed within the boundaries of Vietnam. The Da Nang Cathedral is a church in Vietnam which has been carved to perfection with a weathercock-topped steeple.

Hue Imperial City

Visiting the Capital of a country is the choice and wish of almost every tourist, however, visiting the old capital of a country is although exciting and unusual. The Imperial city is the old capital of Vietnam with memories preserved.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Grab a bicycle and travel across Ha Noi, an ancient city of Vietnam famous for its art and designs which includes a whole street carved with pottery. An amazing place to click your memories at.