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A dream island, which has it all. Beaches, volcanoes, jungle, waterfalls, rice fields, stunning architecture, complex and sophisticated culture and gentle, beautiful people. Interested in sport activities? Try surfing near Uluwatu. Looking for a spiritual enlightment? Go to Ubud to one of many yoga retreats. Fancy a coffee? Go on the plantation to try kopi luwak, the most expensive and the best, as many say, coffee in the world.

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Pura Kehen

If you are looking for attractions beautiful, yet of the beaten roads, go to Pura Kehen. You won't meet many people and you will see interesting temple from XIII century.


Go there to have a glance on the beautiful rice paddies and to explore local irrigation system, called subak.

Bali Museum

A museum of art and history located in Denpasar.

Museum Puri Lukisan

If you are an art lover, this place is for you. You will find here both traditional and modern Balinese art.

Blanco Renaissance Museum

The former home of Spanish artist Antonio Blanco is now a museum showcasing his surreal works.

Agung Rai Museum of Art

Works by known Balinese and international artists are exposed here and workshops on Balinese art and culture are available here as well.

Labuan Sait Beach

Clear water turquoise, white sand is soft and the sound of the waves that break up the beach, so the beach is suitable for recreation, relaxation, sunbathing and surfing.

Pura Goa Lawah

Bat Cave Temple is one of the six holiest places of Bali. You will meet here many worshippers, many tourist, but above all hordes of bats.


It's the place for craft lovers. The village is known for the woodcarvings.

Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is the small island, 30-minute boat trip from Sanur in main Bali island. It's a lot quieter that the Main island of Bali. It has superb beaches, coastal cliffs and beautiful scenery. Rent a bike and travel around.


This ancient village gives you a chance to see unique Bali Aga culture, the original traditions, ceremonies and rules of ancient Balinese, and specific architecture.

Jimbaran Beach

In a mood for a beach day? Go to Jimbaran! A pleasant white sand. The beach is safe for swimming and there are fine restaurants along.


Rated as one of the best beaches in Bali and a relatively quiet place. There are a few restaurants on the beach and a couple of bungalows where you can stay the night.


Nice beach with excellent surfing conditions, especially for intermediate surfers.

Tirta Gangga

You can walk through beautiful gardens, nice pools and elegant sculptures and feel how is it to be a royal. The water palace is a former royal residence.
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