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When I hear Northern Vietnam I see the beautiful nature of Ha Long Bay, Ninh Bihn region, and hills of Sapa. I think about meeting with interesting people like those from the Hmong or Dao tribe. I feel the excitement of a big city like Hanoi, which is energetic and full of life. In essence, Northern Vietnam has it all, amazing nature, wonderful wilderness and unbelievable landscapes, incredible people and marvelous culture and the capital city with it?s rich history, great entertainment offer and many attractions.

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Temple of Literature, Hanoi

Visiting the Hanoi Temple of Literature can be topping the to-do list when you visit Vietnam as it offers a wide range of different kinds of literature to be gazed at and studied along with a peaceful and photogenic environment.

Hoan Kiem Lake

The lake is also known as Hoan Kiem which is uniquely famous for the temple built in the center of the lake. The culture flows from the history of the temple along with being a point of attraction for many.

Temple of Jade Mountain

Being a religious surrounding, Vietnam has numerous temples built. Ranging from a single pillar to the Jade Mountain temple, which is found in between 2 mountains and is accessed through a lake, making it beautifully unique.

Imperial Citadel

Having a love for ancient structures would definitely attract you to this place which has been perfectly built back in the 11th century. Maintenance of the architecture is another attraction and stone built sculptures to click memories.

Hoa Lo Prison

Revisiting the War Reign, places that have had a memory of the independence fight, such as the Hoa Lo Prison allows tourists to study and note down punishment strategies and click pictures of where the prisoners were kept.

Ho Chi Minh Museum

Amongst the largest museums of Vietnam is the Ho Chi Minh Museum built professionally in 1979 with clearer and well-preserved memories to be adored by the visitors. Sparing a time for it could be much beneficial indeed.

Ha Long Bay

An auspicious place to be visited for water sports where all popular scuba-diving and deep water diving has been attracting many. The water is crystal clear with excess lime deposits, hence a must visit. (Does not include tour price)

Tran Quoc Pagoda

Another piece of a monument, a Buddhist temple, built in the middle of an Island has been an attraction for thousands. Viewing it is a must, but what's more important is the dedication of the followers to visit it daily and be inspired.

Bai Tu Long Bay

Travelling Island to Island is a dream come true and it only does in Vietnam at the Bai Tu Long Bay. Smaller Islands are linked together and visited through boats. An adventurous and refreshing trip can hence be experienced.

West Lake, Hanoi

Being the largest lake in the region, tourists find their way indulging in the freshness of West Lake's blissful water. The coolness of the lake makes the environment freezy and a visit in summers would definitely light up your experience.

Vinpearl Water Park

Is Summers in Vietnam not going well? Let's dive into the glimmering cool water at Vinpearl Water Park with enjoyable rides which attracts both, kids and adults. Adventure is what Vinpearl Guarantees.

Museum of Ethnology

Combining all cultures of a nation in one place can be a challenging task, but to serve the touring demands of a visitor, Vietnam has never failed. The Ethnology Museum is the right place to be visited and every culture studied in detail.

Perfume Pagoda

Culture can be well experienced when combined with a festival. Perfume Pagoda is another great temple to be visited in a time of religious gatherings where all Vietnamese gather and represent their religion.

Bai Dinh Temple

Religious attractions have been common in the tourism industry which is why the Bai Dinh Temple has been maintained for the visitors with professional guides detailing every aspect of the place. A place for common religious gatherings.

Do Son Beach

Being situated between the Vac Uc and Tray rivers, this place has been important for enjoyment for both, the French and the Vietnamese where you can get along for swimming as well as kite flying.
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