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To hire a driver in India, or not to hire? Don’t ask yourself anymore – hire a driver! It’s quite common practice in India, even in very long routes. Like for example tour around Rajasthan.


Roads conditions

Driving on your own in India can be exhausting. Believe me! I write about it in the article 10 reasons why tourists in India do not rent cars. Chaos on Indian roads can be understood only by those who have local experience.


Hiring a car with a driver is relatively cheap. Often, it does not exceed the cost of renting the car itself. And remember, you can bargain over the price. The price is set from a kilometer of the route, but there are also packages. The package may consist a proposal of the entire route with hotels and tickets for chosen attractions.


The driver knows the local conditions and can be a kind of guardian for you. You can count on his help and advise, because usually he feels responsible for you. And he is often a guide as well. He knows a lot, he is familiar with the area and will be happy to show you some places or restaurants.


You can go by train or bus. It is of course exciting experience. However, not for everyone. I won’t advise this option a family with children. Moreover, during the trip with a driver, you can always stop, stray from the route, pick another way. Sometimes the driver knows better where to go so you can see something interesting. Having a car with a driver will save your time and give you the freedom to decide wherever you want to go during the trip.


  1. Agree all conditions beforehand, before going on tour. Discuss and write down what you pay for – gas, road tolls, hotels.
  2. The driver can pick you up from the airport so you can go on tour right away. That is why it’s good to organize everything before your arrival.
  3. Consider whether the car should go with an air conditioning. On long trips, through a warm country, it can be significant.
  4. You will spend a lot of time with the driver, so you should choose carefully. It’s good to look at drivers profiles and talk a little bit with selected ones. Remember to check the recommendations and opinions of other tourists.
  5. Choose the driver with excellent English.
  6. In India, it is impossible to drive at night. Remember about this when planning a route. Your driver will help you.


  1. Tipping is welcomed in India. If you are satisfied, do not save. The driver earns less than you can expect.
  2. Usually, the driver organizes the accommodation and meals himself. Of course it will be nice to invite him for dinner. However, he may feel uncomfortable with this kind of proposal. If he refuses, do not insist.
  3. The driver is always waiting for you to finish sightseeing and is usually flexible. You can always ask for a change of route or for any help.
  4. Sometimes the driver propose that he will take you shopping. Of course he will choose the shops from which he will get a commission. You can always refuse.
  5. It is possible that the driver will invite you home. You will meet his family, eat a homemade meal. It can be a great experience.

So? To hire or not to hire? Hire and have a great journey!


So go and have a great trip, Amigo!

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What do you think about hiring a driver in India? Is it a good idea? Do you have any experience with that?