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Jodhpur Blue Tripamigos

Above the city you can see a mountain and a fort called Mehrangarh. Beneath are small buildings, most painted blue. Jodhpur is one of a few places where the earth is up and sky below. On narrow blue streets walk women dressed in pink saris. A walk in Jodhpur is a real feast for the eyes. The answer to the question „Should I go to Jodhpur?” is a big yes.

Why are walls of the buildings blue? There’re a lot of theories. One of them is that the brahmini painted their homes blue and the rest of the city followed suit. Others say that it’s because thanks to the color the city isn’t as hot. There are also some that say blue paint scares off bugs. But no matter what anyone says, they can’t denny that it’s beatiful.

Lady Jodhpur Tripamigos Image

 There’s a lot of sightseeing to be done in the city and it’s worth to stay there for at least three days. So what is worth seeing?

The Clock Tower

In the centre of the city there is a square with a clock tower and the Sadar Market around it. You can find there stalls with vegetables, spices, textilesand tableware. The square is full of vendors, shoppers, disheveled children, and slowly walking cows. From time to time a wedding processional walks through the market, with the groom on a heavily decorated horse. The band plays very loudly and you can hear drums and trumpets as well as the screams of happy wedding guests, dancing with money in their hands. When the procession leaves the square it seems almost quiet.

You can sit in a café, watch the square. Or you can walk between the stalls and buy something (check out article: https://blog.tripamigos.net/11-practical-souvenirs-from-india-guide-for-minimalists-/). You can also pet a cow, but don’t expect a friendly greeting. You can talk with the locals. They will happily talk with you, or even take a selfie!

Jodhpur Blue Tripamigos
Jodhpur Blue Tripamigos

Mehrangarh Fort

The fort stands 120 meters above the city. It can be seen from anywhere. And from the fort you can marvel at the sight of the Thar desert and the whole city. The fort was built in the 15th century, and it’s one of the bigest fortifications in India. Its walls can be as high as 40 meters and as wide as 20 meters! When you pass 7 gates and musicians playing sarangi, dhol or thori, handprints of Man Singh’s widows who were burned alive, and an old man smoking hookah, you’ll be at the top of the castle and able to enter a museum with original clothing of the royals, furniture, weapons, and some of the palace’s rooms.

Jodhpurfort Tripamigos Image
Jodhpurfort Tripamigos Image

Jaswant Thada

Not far from the fort there is a tomb made of white marble built to commemorate maharaja Jaswant Singh II,who died in 1899. The building is breathtaking and even now the funerals of Jodhpur’s rulers take place there.

Jaswant Tripamigos

Umaid Bhawan

This castle is about 3 kilometers from the centre of Jodhpur. It was build under Umaid Singh II’s reign, current maharaja’s father. The present ruler, Gaj Singh II, lives in the palace, but only in some rooms. Others were made into a hotel. In the castle there is also a museum in which you can see the colection of mahajara’s cars and photos in the style of art deco. This building, which has 347 rooms, is one of the biggest private ‘houses’ in the world.

Mandore Gardens

Mandore, located some 9 kilometers from Jodhpur, was the rulers’ headquarters until Johdpur was founded. Here you’ll find a beautiful garden, temples with amazing sculptures and cenotaphs. And around you lots of playful monkeys.

Mandoregardens Tripamigos
Mandore Tripamigos
People mandore Tripamigos

So come to Johdpur and have tons of fun!