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Jero, the Bali guide

Jero works in Bali as a tour guide. As you see in the photos he likes people, gathers them around himself. It is one of the most important things about a tour guide. To be with people, always smiling and willing to help. That’s Jero!

We were talking to Jero about his work, his views on a tour guide job and about his home, Bali. Bali is not only about beaches and temples. Bali is a beautiful, rich tradition, spiritual culture and humble, nice people. That’s Bali!

Jero, how long have you been working as a Bali tour guide? How did you become a private guide?

I’ve been working as a Bali tour guide since 2009. It means I have been a Bali tour guide for 9 years now. After I spent my career in tourism hospitality at front office department for more than 10 years, finally I decided to change my occupation to be a tour guide. Because I love to share the uniqueness of Bali and history with the people from around the world.

What do you recommend to see in Bali?

I recommend the tourists to see the tradition of Balinese people and the way of Balinese life.

What is your advice for people coming to Bali?

My advice? When you come to Bali exchange your money in the official money exchange office. Avoid dealing with drugs. And always keep your travel documents at the hotel.

What do you like best about life as a tour guide?

I like to meet people from all over the world, with different stories and backgrounds.

What makes you special as a guide?

I am an honest tour guide, always on time, professional and full of knowledge about tourism.

Do you have anything unique to offer in Bali? Where can you take tourists where nobody else can?

The unique things you may visit when you are on holiday in Bali is a Mekare Kare, a theatrical fight between the young men of the village or sacred ceremony Ngerupuk, Balinese New Year’s Eve celebration. I think you should also see virgin coconut oil processing and many more.

Do you keep in touch with any of your clients? Do you have any funny stories from your guiding work?

Yes, I keep in touch with some clients. And some of the clients come with me to do a Share And Care program in a small village. A Share And Care program is a mission to help people in Bali who are not lucky like us. Some people have serious sickness but they have no money to go to the hospital. We help old people with no care from the government and their families. We visit orphans and help people in the village in times of disaster like volcanic, flooding and earthquake.

More about Jero

To book Jero, you can go to tripamigos.net; you can also have a peek on his Tripamigos profile.