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What makes a good local guide? I Wayan says that he loves the old tradition of Bali and admires the beautiful nature of the island. To share it with visitors is a dream.

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I Wayan, how long have you been working as a Bali tour guide?

I join two jobs. I work as a driver and a private tour guide, so I’m quite flexible. I’m in the business for ten years.

Bali is an amazing place. What is most interesting here in your opinion?

We have one of the kind culture and beautiful native nature. If you are interested in culture, you have to see our house compounds. Our temples are examples of unique architecture. We have a very special dance tradition and gamelan music.

When you come, you have to see the rice paddies. Bali is famous for them. But it’s not all. We have green mountains, waterfalls, and ocean with great waves.

What do you like best about life as a tour guide?

I meet with so many different people from any country in the world and we become friends. Being a tour guide is great because of that.

What makes you special as a guide?

I’m real. I always tell the truth about our culture and nature. When we are in a village, I say how it is. And I say not only about the modern life.

Do you have anything unique to offer in Bali? Where can you take tourists where nobody else can?

Yes, I do. The Silent Day –Nyepi is really special. I recommend seeing a Galungan Ceremony. And I can show you a Hindu daily life in the village starting from early morning till evening.

Do you keep in touch with any of your clients?

Yes, I keep in touch with many clients. Some of them also give me other clients, recommend me, what I’m grateful for. And also some of them are repeated guests.

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