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There are many local attractions to enjoy on holidays. How do I explore my holiday destination?

There are many possibilities. Each person’s travelling style is different. Some like to be alone and some don’t. Just like not everyone likes to have a plan. Each possibility is different and all have their strengths and flaws.


1. Travel agency.

It’s quite a popular way of spending your holidays. The biggest advantage – it’s easy. You just have to go to a travel agency and book your vacation. You don’t have to worry about anything. The people hired by the agency will handle every organizational issue. They will take you to a hotel and show you attractions that’ve been already chosen before you even know where you want to go. But one thing they don’t choose, and neither do you, are the people you travel with.

2. No plan.

Do not read, do not watch YouTube videos, do not make plans. Just go with the flow. Sure, you may stumble upon some organizational problems, but they’re nothing compared to feeling wild and free. The disadvantage? When you travel without researching your destination beforehand, you will most certainly miss some great attractions.

3. With a guidebook in your hand.

Travelling with a guidebook is a perfect combination of travelling alone and with a travel agency. All you need is to buy a guidebook and you’re all set! But be careful because there are many guidebooks on the market and only a few of them are trustworthy. But when you find the one, you can plan your trip well. The one problem is, you will be travelling alone and won’t have anyone to tell you about all the hot spots the locals are going to.

4. With a guide.

In my opinion, this is the best way.  There are many people in the web, who offer guiding services. You can talk to them via the internet, tell them about your expectations and you can plan your trip together with your choice of attractions and the guide’s knowledge of your travel destination. When you meet, the guide will help you with all your doubts and your needs. You can change the plan depending on the situation. The guide knows the region well, can show you it in some new way, giving you a (new) perspective. Sure, you may be afraid about meeting a stranger from the internet, and in an unknown place.

Luckily, there are some places online where you can meet legitimate guides that love meeting new people and are serious about their job! 
 I did couple of interviews with guides, read what Bali guides have to offer: for instance JeroHeryMardika and I Wayan.