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Hery, the Tripamigos’ guide from Bali

When you mail Hery, he always answers immediately. Everything is clear, with an immediate solution and without fuss. Something about him: he’s a nice and energetic person, professional and caring. Isn’t it the definition of a perfect guide?

Hery, how long have you been working as a Bali tour guide? Is it your first job?

I’ve been working for 4 years as a tour guide, now. This isn’t my first job. I wanted to grow, to progress, so I started my business in tour and travel.

Bali is an amazing place. What is most interesting here in your opinion?

Yes, Bali is amazing and has much to offer to the tourists. Explore waterfalls! Especially I recommend to see Git Git Waterfall. Don’t worry, I will take you there with pleasure. Believe me, Bali’s nature is really incredible.

I could also recommend some of our beautiful puras, meaning temples. Such aPura Ulun Danu Baratan in Bedugul and Kintamani area. It’s the place known from the 50 000 rupiah banknote. You just have to see it.

What makes you special as a guide?

I am an open and easygoing person. I have a good relationship with people from every country and culture.

I can adapt to any situation. I have a good personal approach to new customers. 

Do you have anything unique to offer in Bali? Where can you take tourists where nobody else can?

Kintamani area. If you go there with me, we’ll see beautiful Batur Mountain and Lake.

Do you keep in touch with any of your clients?

Yes, of course! All of my clients have different characters and everyone is unique. I like it very much. It’s great to meet different people, different personalities, different views on lifeI like to talk and exchange stories.

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More about Hery

To book Hery, you can go to tripamigos.net; you can also have a peek on his Tripamigos profile.