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Have you ever tried to find your tour guide when you arrive on your holiday destination? I did and here is what you should know.


The holidays are near, so you had to make many decisions, such as where to go, where you’ll stay and what you’re going to do there.  You also have to decide how and what you’ll be sightseeing: alone, with a group, or with a private guide? If you decide to hire a guide, a question will likely arise: how do you find a professional tour guide? There are several options. And each has advantages and disadvantages.

There’s a question whether choosing a specific tour guide is actually important. You can hire a random person whose role will be to take you to specific places and tell you something about them. Maybe you’d prefer to spend this time with a person whose competence you are sure of, with whom you can spend a pleasurable time and know that you are safe. Where you’re going to look for the guide depends on this decision.

1. Find the guide on the street

Of course, you can leave this for the last minute, or find someone at your destination., There are many small tourist agencies located mainly in kiosks, at stalls, and in small offices. The guides are often waiting near places that are crowded with tourists. You can talk to them, but it’s likely that they’ll talk to you first. Usually there are many of them. If everyone at the same time tries to convince you to use their services, you can use it to your advantage and try to haggle. But be careful, because it can be very overwhelming.

This way you can arrange a trip quickly and at the last minute, without preparation. You can can also bargain with the guide and get a reasonable price. The guide will probably be flexible. You can talk with him, or her, about your doubts and specific needs. But you are also not entirely sure who you’re talking to, and so you can’t assess the competence of this person or know if he is trustworthy. In a word, this solution has many advantages, but if you do not like spontaneity and you care about quality, it’s better to avoid it.

2. Find the guide in your hotel

 The tour can be arranged through the hotel. Just go to the reception desk and ask for an offer. The hotel’s receptionist will always be happy to offer you something. This is undoubtedly a convenient solution and safe because the hotel does not work with random guides. You don’t have to waste energy on organizational issues. Usually, however, hotels have fixed packages. Taking a trip tailored to your needs will be difficult. Also, remember that the hotel will receive a percentage for mediation. You will certainly pay more than doing everything directly.

3. Find best guide online

The third option is the internet. Many internet websites offer guide services. Guide profiles are often available there. On such profile, you’ll find a picture of that person, information about them and their experience and opinions written by other tourists. Sometimes the guides also write a few words about themselves and about their interests. You can view several profiles, think about them and ask the guides  for more details. The upside is that you can do it all alone and wherever you are – at home or in a hotel. You can compare the offers of several guides and choose the most attractive one. The disadvantage of this solution is that you have to devote your time to it, but the advantage is freedom of decision and a reasonable choice. You can choose the best price, the best offer and the best person.

Which solution is the perfect one? It’s only your decision.

So go and have a great trip, Amigo!

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What is your opinion? Which way is the best? How do you find your guides?