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Full of Falls

Bali have staggering number when it comes to counting waterfalls. Bali does not care about petty geographic rule. When a falls supposed to reside in highland of mountain range, in Bali you can find it in the lower part of the island. You can find them almost in every corner of the island. Even you can find one near a beach with sea view like Peguyangan. Moreover, the lowland falls easily accessible and relatively close to the city. The example of this are Tegenungan, Kanto Lampo and Tibumana Waterfalls.

Beautiful and Unique

When it comes to Bali waterfall, expect it to be beautiful. Most of the falls have green scenery of tropical forest. To add to their beauty, each one have their own special feature. Coffee tree dominate the plants of the highland. The unique scent of the coffee flowers is surrounded the place. Example of this is Munduk and Bhuana Sari Waterfall. There is also falls surrounded by palm tree like Nungnung Waterfalls. Some have beautiful view of the unique rice paddies like Tegenungan.

Others falls are unique because their well placed location. Aling-Aling and Cepung is two example of this. They are flanked by tall beautiful cliff. Their beauty peaked when the sun straight above the falls. Other falls have beautiful stone structure like Kanto Lampo, Pucak Manik and Jembong.


One other feature that most of the falls have is hiking. Especially the falls that located in mountain range. They have a beautiful landscape to explore. While some have an available featured track.

Cure Water

Most of Bali waterfalls considered to be sacred by the locals. It is believed to have a healing ability and can rejuvenate the skin. It is not surprising though as the water contain some sulfur substance which is good for treatment and healing of the skin.

Other Attractions

As the water deemed to be sacred, you will likely find some temples near the falls. Tegenungan has beautiful nearby temple called Pura Kahyangan. Pucak Manik is close to Pura Taman Ayun. Tibumana Waterfalls have a temple as their entrances. Some notable other attraction is the Flying Fox in Jembong.

Where are the waterfalls?

 sekumpul waterfall 

Magnificent Falls in the Lost World

Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?

What To Know about Sekumpul waterfall?

How To Get to Sekumpul?

Beware of scam. Some tourist may experience this. You can hire a motorbike and use google maps. It’s about 1,5 hours from Bedugul. The road to Sekumpul Waterfall is narrow and has thousand corners. Avoid sign “Sekumpul Registration”. It’s the points for hiking tours scam. Stay true to google maps.

Challenging But Easy to Find

Once you park your vehicle, you have to hike to get to the waterfall. You will meet lots of local people offering you a hiking guide. They try to charge you $10 for 10 minutes walk. The road may seem challenging but it’s actually easy to find without a guide. Just follow the signs!

Stay in Bedugul

As it is far and challenging to get to Sekumpul, it is suggested if you can stay and start your trip from Bedugul.

Opening hoursOpen 24 hours
AdmissionIDR 20,000
ParkingIDR 2,000

Where is it? Sekumpul, Lemukih, Sawan, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81171, Indonesia

I recommend to check out this guide to Sekumpul Waterfall. And always remember – beware of scam.



Bali Guide

 git git waterfall 

Easy Access

Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?

Near Highway

If you came to Singaraja District of Bali you should visit Git Git Waterfall. It is not only pretty but easy one to access to. Located near the high road that connect Denpasar and Singaraja, it is only a few step away for you to look at one of the best waterfall in Bali.

Beautiful Scenery

Located in highland, Git Git Waterfall is surrounded by beautiful jungle. It has cool atmosphere. Away from any busy activity, it’s will relax your mind and make you feel comfortable. The waterfall itself is a pretty sight with green vegetation surrounding the waterfall. Furthermore the 35 meters high of water drop make it such a beautiful view.

Hiking Track

Good news for hiking lover, there is some hiking track available for you. Explore the beautiful jungle with nice and cool atmosphere that would make your experience feel better. Along the river that carry the water, there is pretty scene of multiple waterfall connected and arranged beautifully.

What To Know about Git Git waterfall?


The easiest animal to be spotted in the jungle is monkey. You might spot one or two hanging in the tree. If you are a bit lucky, you might find it drink from the fall.

Twin Waterfall

If you going deeper to explore the forest, you may find a twin waterfall. It has a beautiful clear water.

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Beware of  Scammer

There some local that might try too hard to be your guide. They may intimidate you, so stay cool it just a scam. Git Git Waterfall is such an easy place to access so you don’t need one. After you park, walk around 50 meters to the entrance and pay the necessary fee and you are good to go.

Opening hours8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
AdmissionIDR 5000 / adult
IDR 3000 / children

Where is it? Gitgit Village, Singaraja, Distric of Buleleng, Bali 81161, Indonesia

Rob Huygen shared his experience on his vlogs in his Youtube Channel here.
It is worth to remember that this place if filled with scammers, mostly self proclaimed guides as well as vendors selling overpriced items.



Bali Guide

 munduk waterfall 

Untouched beauty

Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?

Beautiful Greenery

Located on the highland in Bali, Munduk Waterfall is a great choice to cool yourself. The green plantations of clove and coffee farms surround the area. The cool atmosphere will relax your mind and make you feel comfortable. The forest is still untouched, so you will find the tropical jungle vibes along the way with variety of jungle flowers too . The waterfall itself is a 15 meters drop which creates a pool underneath. The greenish vegetation on each side of the waterfall makes it more stunning.

Best for Hikers

The topographic terrain is best for those who love hiking. The breeze of fresh air at the waterfall molded with water grain will washed away your tiredness. You only need to walk for 250 meters that will take about 15 minutes to reach the spot.

Cure Water

Want to know the best part? The water contains minerals like sulfur which is good for treatment and healing of the skin. Take a dip and feel the difference. Many locals also believe the water can revitalize your skin.

What To Know about Munduk waterfall?

Best Time To Visit

The dry season is the best time to visits this beautiful place. It is better to avoid visits during the weekend or national vacation as it will be crowded by visitors.

Coffee shop

There are coffee shops along the route to the waterfall to warm yourself if you need to.

Opening hours6:00 AM – 6:00 PM
AdmissionIDR 20,000 / adult
IDR 10,000 / children
ParkingIDR 5,000 (4 wheels), IDR 2,000 (2 wheels)

Where is it? Munduk Village, Gianyar, Distric of Buleleng, Bali, Indonesia.

You need to walk down an uneven path through a forest area, which will take about 15min. Walking down is easy but back can be bit difficult. You do not ned to take tour guide.



Bali Guide

 nung nung waterfall 

One of the best!

Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?

One of the most beautiful waterfall

Nungnung Waterfall located  in the high mountains on Bali. It is well known   as one of the best waterfalls. The location making the air become cooler and the scenery is filled with beautiful palm trees. It is located between Bedugul, and Ubud. It makes an easy stop between the journey in North of Bali. The waterfall height is 50 meters high. The water flow is rather strong. That makes the views more breathtaking. Prefect for visitors who love photography.

Family escape

It is a bit of challenging to get to the base of waterfall. But it is all worth it in the end. The cool breeze and the calming sound of water is a perfect place to relax with family. You can also swim to the pool underneath the waterfall. You must be careful though, because the water flow is strong.

What To Know about Nungnung waterfall?

Be prepared

There are 509 stair steps you need to walk on before reaching the waterfall. So if you come with elderly people ,be sure to get prepare. The walk back from waterfall is especially challenging.  There are no toilets and changing rooms facilities at the waterfall.

Best time to visit

If you want the perfect lighting for your pictures, the best time to come is around 10- 12 PM

Opening hours9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
AdmissionIDR 10000 / Person
ParkingIDR 2,000

Where is it? Jl. Kartika Plaza Tuban, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

A nice travel vlogs by a traveler and tourist showing the beauty of Nungnung waterfall can be seen on Thelostduo Youtube channel here.



Bali Guide

 tegenugan waterfAll 

junction point

Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?

Nature Among City

Tegenungan Waterfall is one of a rare falls that not located in the mountain but in the low land midway between Ubud and Denpasar. It’s accessible from resort area, like Sanur and Kuta. In fact it is so close from Ubud. Unlike the packed city that mentioned above, Tegenungan is such a nature places. It is surrounded by green jungle that makes it beautiful sight to behold. The relatively close distances to reach this spot makes it a tourist waterfall and should be in the must visit list.

Alternative Escape

Tired of salty water? You could try this natural places or come to relax after tired exploring the crowded city and wash away your tiredness. This places is good spot to spring yourself and refresh your body.

Beautiful View

Getting to the spot is a nice experience. You will encounter green rice field on both side the road you are traveling on. Down the paved stair you will see from afar the beautiful spot of the 15 meters tall fall surrounded by green valley with cascading water that serve as a good collection to your Instagram.

Secret Photo Time

Something you must not missed if you come here is the good time and spot to take a photo. The west facing location in the evening will capture the beautiful effect of the light. This will make your day.

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What To Know about Tegenugan waterfall?

Best Time to Visit

Wet season is NOT recommended. The water could become muddy and flood could occur that pose a risk. It is would be best to come during the dry season.

Also don’t miss the evening in this places for a nice afternoon picture.

Snack and Souvenir

Many shop and shacks available down the road that selling snacks and souvenirs. You will also find some restaurant.

Beautiful Temple

There is a beautiful temple nearby. It is called Pura Kahyangan 3 Tegenungan, be sure to check it.

Opening hours06:30 AM – 06:00 PM
AdmissionIDR 15,000 / person

Where is it? Kemenuh Village, Sukawati, Gianyar Distric, Bali 80582, Indonesia

Once you descend to the waterfall, be careful because the current is pretty strong. Part of the waterfall is roped off, so you can’t go under the waterfall. Don’t try to go, as you will hear a whistle blown at you.
Thomas Despin, a vlogger shared his journey on his video here:



Bali Guide

 tukad cepung waterfall 

Hidden Gem of Magical Light Rays

Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?

Best Virgin Waterfall in Bali

Not many tourist know this location. If you are looking for stunning spot with less crowds, then it’s a must visit. Local villagers maintain the area very well. There are not entrance fee for the waterfall. Instead, you can donate for their contribution.

Hard to find

For the first time visitor, this waterfall may seem hard to find. It is worth the effort though. The waterfall is located inside a cave. There are open roof above the waterfall where the sun rays comes in. It’s an amazing view to see. A rainbow like no other. Unlike other waterfalls, Cepung does not flow into a river. It flows gently down the cliffs.

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What To Know about Tukadcepung waterfall?

Do Not Visit on Rainy Season

Tukad Cepung Waterfall gets really deep on rainy seasons. During other seasons, you can enjoy the water completely.

How to Get to Tukad Cepung Waterfall?

You can go there by car or motorcycle. Use google maps. It is easy to reach. Only 15 minute walk from the parking area. The road is adventurous yet family friendly. Once you going down through the stairs, you will have to turn left to reach the waterfall. It is suggested to bring slippers since you will have to walk through water at certain points.

Opening hoursOpen 24 hours
AdmissionBased on donation
ParkingIDR 2,000

Where is it? Jl. Tembuku, Dusun Penida Kelod, Bangli

Better start early if you want to enjoy more time at the waterfalls, or you need to queue to take pictures.
Get more glimpses about cave waterfall in Bali here



Bali Guide

 bhuana sari waterfall 

From Fresh springwateR

Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?

Source from the round

There are many waterfalls on Bali you can choose to visit. But this one is something you have to see for yourself. Some says that this is the most beautiful waterfall on Bali. To get to the waterfall, you have to walk across jungle and coffee farms. The fresh air here has distinct smell that you will love.

Red and green moss

When you see the first glimpse of the waterfall, you will see the water flowing from the cliff surrounded by green vegetation. The combination of red and green moss makes it more breathtaking. The amazing thing is that the water this waterfall will stay clean even on rainy season. The reason being is the source water come from cracks on the ground itself. The result is fresh water which the locals says can be directly drinkable.

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What To Know about Bhuana Sari waterfall?

Ritual to cleanse yourself

The local people believe  the water can wash away your negative energy. So if you have some negativity, this might be the place to refresh yourself. The Waterfall itself located 500 metres from the parking site. One thing to note is that you must be careful because the steep stairs might be slippery.

Opening hours8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
AdmissionIDR 20,000/person

Where is it? Jalan Bhuana Sari, Wanagiri 81161, Bali, Indonesia

A good cinematic video can be seen on Mas Dang’s YouTube channel. You can also pay a visit to Git Git waterfall on the same trip, since it is quite nearby.



Bali Guide

 kanto lampo waterfAll 

Escape from the City

Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?

Easy escape

Sometimes, you just want to cool yourself and relax your mind from the  city of Bali. Kento Lampo Waterfall is where you should probably go. This beautiful 15 meters waterfall not yet known to many is a gentle relaxation spot in Bali. While most waterfalls are located on the highland and in forests, this one is easy to access because it is located on the lowland and near local village of Beng. The natural beauty of the village and the farm on the way to the waterfall is also a fresh treat to the eyes.

A bit different

To get into the waterfall, you will have to walk down 500 stairs from the entrance. Once the stairs change into a natural rocks formation, you will  start to see the beauty of the waterfall and the surrounding area. It is a perfect place to cool down your body after the walk you just took. The best part is that the shape of the rocks allows visitors to climb over the waterfall. Over there, you can find a perfect spot to take pictures. I can assure you that you can’t resist joining other visitors to take your best memorable pictures out there. But you must careful as the rock is a bit slippery.

Holy Water

The locals also use the water for their religious rituals. There are some spots on the area that are considered sacred too.

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What To Know about Kanto Lampo waterfall?

Best Time To Visit

The dry season is the best time to visit. Wet rocks will get more slippery during the rainy season. The best time of the day is the morning. At this time, there are still few visitors on the location.

Local Foods and Drinks

Don’t worry if you come without food. Along the way to the waterfall, many local people sell some snacks and drinks.

Opening hours8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
AdmissionIDR 10,000 / person
ParkingFree of Charge

Where is it? Banjar Kelod Kangin, Beng Village, Gianyar, District of Gianyar

Take your swimming suit and waterproof camera, as the water is clear and the photo opportunities are great!



Bali Guide

 banyumala twin waterfall 

Natural pool to swim

Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?

Wash your boredom

Banyumala Twin Waterfalls located on the bottom of a valley of Wanagiri Village, Buleleng, Bali. It is highland area on north of Bali with mountains surrounding it.  Freshness of the air is guaranteed here. Banyumala Twin Waterfalls is one of the best waterfall in Bali. There are three main waterflow on the cliff. The main waterfall is 20 meters high located in the middle while two others on each side surrounded by thick  green vegetations. No matter from what angle you see this waterfall, you will not get bored by its appearance.

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Natural pool

Underneath the waterfall, there is a natural pool formed by the waterflow with 15 meters diameter across. The water is so clean and fresh and it is the perfect place to dip yourself in. The depth can reach up to 2 meters, so swimming here is the main thing visitors do.

What To Know about Banyumala Twin waterfall?


The parking lot has a quite big area. There are some people selling snacks and coffee on the entrance area for your convenient. Keep in mind that the route is a bit slippery and steep. It is a good idea to wear your sneakers before entering the jungle. Once you get to the waterfall there is a shaded area and you can have a swim in the water.

Opening hours7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
AdmissionIDR 20,000 / person
ParkingIDR 2,000

Where is it? Wanagiri, Sukasada, Buleleng Regency

The waterfsll is at the end of a road slowly degrades as you go down. It is pretty steeply. After that, prepare to walk down and up some stairs, which will have you sweating and wanting to swim in the falls.
Sukma rangga showed how this destination looks like in his video:



Bali Guide

 sing sing waterfall 

Not just one!

Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?

Relaxing journey

What’s more relaxing than trekking  down to waterfall through forest with birds singing and fresh air to breath?. Singsing Waterfall is another escape to relax and enjoy the nature for your comfort.To get into the destination, you can reach it by using motorcycle until Tigawarsa Village. From the village, you have to walk for 600 meters. Do not worry about being lost, because there are already direction signs you just have to follow. Eventually you will reach your destination where you will see the 12 meters waterfall in your sight.

There is more

If you think that is the end of your journey, you are wrong!.  Further down the track just another 100 meters walk, there is a second waterfall with height twice as the first one.  Although it is a bit challenging to get there, it is a well worth journey to be honest. Because the second one is more remote and that is a perfect place to relax yourself.

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What To Know about Sing Sing waterfall?

Part of history

Not far from the waterfall, a historical monument built by the Dutch on 1868 also become the main destination for local tourist. This monument commemorate the death of Dutch soldiers during the war period with Balinese people  in the past.

Opening hoursOpen 24 hours
AdmissionBased on donation
ParkingIDR 2,000

Where is it? Tigawasa, Banjar, Buleleng Regency

The waterfall takes about three minutes to walk to from the road, but you’ll be met by a number of locals at the entrance who’ll try to walk with you, and if you let them will then demand crazy amounts of money for walking with you.



Bali Guide

 pucak manik 

Triple Niagara

Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?


The best part about this waterfall is its triplet falls. It has three falls that that lined up beautifully. It is one of the falls occupy the Buleleng District like the famous Gitgit and Sekumpul. Surrounded by dense vegetation, it’s bring cool atmosphere. Unlike its fellow falls, Pucak Manik relatively new to the list, barely touched and relatively quiet.


It is nice for you who like to hike. Like any falls that located in the mountain range, it is so good to explore. What’s more, this falls relatively new compared to others, it still has its natural track. Surrounded by green vegetation and cool atmosphere will enhance your experience. You could find many other falls during your walk, but the Pucak Manik waterfalls stand out among the others.

Green Scenery

Located in the middle of lush vegetation, the green scenery is such a nice view. You will notice the unique smell of coffee that dominate the plant. Along the way, you will be served by a nice view of a green vegetation above cliffs. You could also find some monkeys living here.

Photo Spot

You fill find some nice construction build from bamboo tree. This building is good for you to have a good pose to take a photo. I’m sure it is will be a good collection for you. The magnificent falls will fancy your background picture.

View this post on Instagram

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What To Know about Pucak Manik waterfall?

Long Natural Track

The stairs to this place still constructed from soil. You need a long walk to arrive at Pucak Manik. You will encounter several falls during your walk before arrived at your desired destination. This place is recommended for hikers. So bring some staff to help you tracking. It is advised for you to not come if it’s rainy because the track could become more slippery.

Time to visit

This place sometimes packed by local and domestic tourist during free days. If you looking for a quiet quality time, be sure to come not during free days.

Recommended Agenda

It is close to Banyu Wana Amertha and Banyumala falls. Another nearby tourist attraction like Danau Buyan and Tamblingan. You could arrange your schedule with this place packed with destination trip.

You could also visit the Pura Taman Ayun dan danau Beratan Bedugul before coming to Pucak Manik and after that you could visit Alas Kedaton and then Tanah Lot to catch a beautiful view of sunset.

Opening hours07:00 AM – 05:00 PM
AdmissionIDR 15000 / Person
ParkingFree of charge

Where is it? Wanagiri Village, Sukasada Region of Buleleng District, Bali 81161, Indonesia.

Aga Aprilla, a local tourist put together a video that you can watch to see this beautiful place.



Bali Guide


the twin

Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?

Easy Walk

One of the favorite as it has easy track. Just a couple of minute and you will arrive here. It is relatively close to Ubud. It is suitable for a family trip. There is a cool bridge you will encounter, it is a good spot to take a photo to add to your collection or Instagram.

Green Scenery

It is surrounded by a beautiful forest including the pathway. While walking to the site, your surrounding will give you a nice relaxing feeling. When you arrive in the falls, you will see a beautiful cascade of water falling from 20 meters high. This spot is such a greeny place, even the falls cliff and huge rock is decorated by green moss and fern.

Sacred Place

Between the waterfalls there is a cave that no one dare to enter. It give you a goosebump from the mystic sensation of the cave. It is believed that the cave lead the way to the Goa Raja Besakih Temple. The waterfall itself believed to be a “Pesiraman Niskala” a term that related to the Hinduism. Because of this, swimming is discouraged by the locals.


Tibumana also a relatively quiet place. With an easy access to the place, you can come here to relax and enjoy the beautiful view.

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What To Know about Tibumana waterfall?


There is rocky stream you need to cross which can be slippery, get extra caution when you walk on it. Take a note that there is some part of the clip that vulnerable to slide, use extra caution during the wet season.

Stock Up

Be sure to bring some snack as it is a little hard to find any stall


You might get confused when you arrive at Apuan Village as you only find just a temple there. Worry not as a matter of fact, the entrance to Tibumana waterfall is inside the temple. The temple is also a place for you to park. There is a walkway in the side of the temple to go to the falls. Before you going, be sure to check the temple.

Opening hours06:00 AM – 06:00 PM
AdmissionIDR 5,000 / Person
ParkingFree of charge

Where is it? Desa Susut, Apuan Region of Bangli District

Best time to visit is in dry season; in raining season it is a risk of land slides. Also you cannot swim in rainy season, as the water is not clear and dangerous.
Martin Johnson, a Youtuber and a traveler shared his experience on his video here


I Putu Apriana

Bali Guide

 aling aling waterfall 

like a water park

Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?

Water Park

One of the best falls of Buleleng District that is able for you to do a water slide. Its beautiful image is truly stand out and what’s more is that it has large pool with 2 to 4 meters deep. You also can slide from the top of the falls making it such a good water park. If you looking for more adrenaline, there is a multiple spot where you can jump or doing a backflip.


The place is surrounded by beautiful jungle that grow on top of cliffs. The cliff decorated by green vegetation. With 35 meters tall the water sprayed creating a cool mist. The stream slightly splits into two and fall to the pool that deep enough to make the water look so blue make the entire valley look stunning and photo demanding.


What can I say, it is amongs the waterfall that located in the mountain range so it has to be good for hiking. You could hike about 15 minutes from rice fields through the beautiful jungle before reached the first waterfall. A little more, you will find another falls before arrive at Aling – Aling Waterfall.

Full of Fun

You could enjoy this place for day. There is plenty of fun. From an adventure, jumping from the cliff and to rock slide. You cannot resist to not swim in this places.

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What To Know about Aling Aling waterfall?

Northern Bali

Northern Bali mostly consist of highland, it has a plenty of falls to visit. Aling – Aling is one of them. There is another seven famous waterfall if you want to spend the day adventuring. Aling – Aling is close to capital city of Singaraja.

Be Careful

Take extra caution if you want to do some jumping or sliding. The rock could get slippery when you climb.

Opening hours08:00 AM to 05:00 PM
AdmissionIDR 10000 / person
ParkingFree of charge

Where is it? Sambangan Village, Sukasada Region of Buleleng District

If you want to go swimming and do the cliff jumping, it’s 150,000IDR and you go with a guide. They give you a life jacket for going down the natural waterfall slide which is really fun!
You can view a little bit of the beauty of this place by watching Jazz, a Youtuber’s video here



Bali Guide

 peguyangan waterfall 

Stunning view from the cliff

Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?

Unique location

If you like the sea and waterfalls on your vacation trip, this one is probably your favourite. What I mean is you don’t need to go to two different places. Yes!, this waterfall located on the bottom of steep cliff. The amazing thing is, you can see the beautiful sea  while enjoying the cold waterflow.

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Swimming pool

There is actually a natural “infinity” swimming pool created by the water here. Be sure to bring your swimsuit because you can’t resist to take a dip to cool yourself. For visitors who love photography, this is the perfect place to take your best picture.  The bottom line is that this place have everything about bali in it. The culture, the sea, the waterfalls all in one place. This is a must destination for sure for your Bali tour.

What To Know about Peguyangan waterfall?

Don’t be surprised

Don’t be surprised by 870 stairs that you have to walk onto. The location is quite challenging to get to but well worth the effort.

Sacred Water

You also can see local hindu temple near the waterfall as this is also a pilgrim site for local hindu people of Bali. Local people believe the water coming from this waterfall is sacred. So local people often use this water for their rituals

Opening hoursAlways open
AdmissionIDR 100000/person (via speedboat from Bali)
Free entrance from Nusa Penida
ParkingIDR 5000 (via Nusa Penida)

Where is it? Nusa Penida, Batukandik, Nusapenida, Kabupaten Klungkung

Arthur’s video on his journey can be use as a preview before getting there yourself



Bali Guide

 jembong waterfall 

More adventure

Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?

Unique waterflow

Another destination to go in Bali if you’re bored of the beaches is Jembong waterfall.  This well preserved waterfall with great management will please you . You just need to walk for a few minutes to see the waterfall. The height of the waterfall is 15 meters with depth of the pool 1.5 meters. The water doesn’t directly fell into the ground. Instead, it flows over beautiful shaped rocks  resulting in an amazing view.

Swim and relax

You can also swim and relax yourself in another created pool with filtered water. That’s not all. There is also another attraction here that you can try. The Flying Fox, with three different tracks will pump your adrenaline. Other activities like trekking and  wet rappelling is also available.

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What To Know about Jembong waterfall?

Good management

The Jembong waterfall also known as the cleanest waterfall in bali. Good management and facility here is the key to the comfort. There are rest place, changing rooms and toilets also available.

Two different routes

There are two different route to get there. One with stairs and another want via flat route. It’s about 200 meters walk from the entrance.

Tips on visiting

It is better to choose the stair route during the rainy season. The flat route will be slippery

Opening hours6:00 AM – 5:00 PM
AdmissionIDR 5000 /Person
ParkingIDR 2,000

Where is it? Ambengan, Sukasada, Kabupaten Buleleng

Get more glimpses about cave waterfall in Bali here



Bali Guide