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Not just Beaches

Bali is not just famous internationally for its beaches, temples and panoramas but parks too. I am sure most of us love mother nature. We like to see wildlife. Most of us love to watch tv shows featuring wilderness and see many animals we like. You might be wondering, what if you could experience wildlife directly? If yes, then you are lucky to come to Bali. This island of paradise boasted with a whole lot of interesting parks that you could visit. It will be nice to add to your itinerary plans and enhance your experiences.

If you would like to roam the vast wilderness of nature you could do some tour in Bali Safari & Marine Park. This park consist of many rare animal not just from the country and the respective continent but also from other continents like Africa.

Animal conservations

There is also some various specific animal conservations. Bali Butterfly Park, a unique one of a kind conservation of butterfly with flower swarmed the landscape of the park. Conservation of turtle at Turtle Conservation And Education Center. An interesting safe sharks conservation at Bali Sharks. If you want to close up with gigantic tame animal, the elephant, you can visit Elephant Safari Park. There is also Bali Bird Park for bird lovers. If you prefer more green scenery, Ubud Monkey Forest will cover it for you. You will likely to find monkeys in this forest, also you could find some other animal, such as deer too.

Scientific tour

Bali have a geopark, Batur Global Geopark in Kintamani for a more scientific tour. It is established by UNESCO as part of the Global Geopark Network. It is mainly based on agriculture and tourism. Another of a scientific tour is Biorock Pemuteran Bali. It is the largest artificial biorock reef project in the world. For you who like to snorkel and dive this is the perfect place.

Family trip

But if you want a light not so mainstream park you could just visit Bali Zoo. Most parks if not all in Bali have good features for family trip. Also, all this places mentioned here could be used for mutual scientific projects.











Where are the parks?

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Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?


Visiting this park would be one of the best things to do in Bali. In Ubud Monkey Forest, which is one of the major attractions in Ubud, there are about 700 crab-eating macaques, also known as Balinese long-tailed monkeys. The whole community of monkeys is divided into four groups. Each group occupies a different part of the park. You are the guest here, they are at home. That is why they feel at ease, often without paying attention to people. They jump, run, play, sometimes fight with each other, and sometimes, if they think it’s worth it, they are stalking people.

Tri Hita Karana

It is an element of Hindu philosophy, based on harmonious interpersonal relations, relationships between people and nature, and people and gods. The Monkey Forest is designed according to this philosophy. It aims to make people experience harmony in mortality. Hita means happiness. If you are looking for happiness, be sure to check out Monkey Forest.


In the park, among the dense vegetation, temple buildings, various statues, winding paths and picturesque bridges are hidden. Because a large part of the area is shaded, it is quite humid here. Stones and walls are overgrown with moss, which strengthens the fairy-tale atmosphere.

Convenient location

The park is located near the center of Ubud. If you live in Ubud, you can even take a look there.

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What To Know about Ubud Monkey Forest?

Three Temples

There are three temples from the 14th century in the park. Pura Dalem Agung is known as The Great Temple of Death. Pura Prajapati – the Cremation Temple. Next to it is a cemetery where the bodies are waiting for the moment of cremation. Pura Beji is Holy Spring Bathing Temple. Here, believers devote themselves to purification before religious ceremonies. Only devotees of Hinduism can enter the center of the temples, but their area is clearly visible from the outside.

Conservation effort

The park conducts research in the field of zoology. Scientists from around the world are coming here to observe the habits of monkeys.


Park visitors are advised not to put on jewelry before the visit, they are asked to hide glasses and caps and bottles with water. It happens that the smell of food from a backpack, a creaking bottle in hand or a trinket on the neck can provoke them. Monkeys can be aggressive, they often try to snatch an object and run away with it. There are guards in the park who have experience in recovering things. You can always count on their help.

In the park you can buy bananas for feeding animals. And tourists are happy to take pictures of a monkey sitting on their shoulders.

Timor rusa deer

There is also a herd of Timor rusa deer in the park.

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Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

Opening hours8:30 AM – 6 PM
IDR 50,000
IDR 40,000
ParkingFree of charge

Don’t get fooled by numerous reviews – the monkeys here behave very well, except from a couple of non-aggressive contacts, they were fantastic to observe. They swim and jump into the pools and this is great to see!



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see how owls, macaws and eagles soar high through the sky

Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?

Indonesian “Centre of Excellence”

Do you know that tourists that are on Bali vacation do have a lot to explore from the Indonesian “Centre of Excellence” for the Birds of Paradise breeding as well as Bali Starling? So, you can be sure of seeing a new breed of bird at every point in time while at the park.

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What To Know about Bali Bird Park?

Over 250 species

Overly, the park is filled with over 250 species of birds, detailing about 1,000 individual birds within an enclosed aviary. Without mincing words, tourists coming in groups and families are sure going to enjoy the soothing weather that the Bird Park offers.

Rare bird collections

There are free things to do while Bali vacation, such as touching, feeding, getting close to, and openly viewing displays of taming different bird species while admiring exotic and rare birds’ collections – all of these you can do.

Within the enclosed aviary, you will be able to view a panel displaying some information, such as the scientific names, species, breed description as well as each bird’s origin.

Free Flight Bird Show

You definitely would not want to miss the Free Flight Bird Show for anything.  The show as it is will definitely keep you marveled at the different capacities and antics that the birds and other winged creatures in the collection posses. You sure will be awed by the acrobatics each creature displays. You’d see how owls, macaws and eagles soar high through the sky, how they mount on their dummy preys and even thrill the audience by snatching food from handlers.

Bali Bird Park situated within the Gianyar Regency with an expansive square area of 0.49 acres, totaling about 2,000 square meters.

Opening hours9:00am till 5:30pm.
AdmissionRp 431,200 for adults, Rp 215,600 for children between the ages of 2 – 12 years, while there is no cost of entrance for children below 2 years.
ParkingFree of charge

Better come at 9, so you can enjoy all the attractions. If you have a kid, chances are it will be selected to help participate in one of the bird shows! Visiting this park would be one of the best things to do in Bali.



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see the cocoons being manicured

Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?

Home to some of the rarest species

Examining one of the leading places to visit in Bali, Bali Butterfly Park comes out in tops for you to consider during your Bali vacation in Indonesia. Serving as a home to some of the rarest species of butterflies, such as the great Mormon, swallowtail, and bird-wing butterfly, it is easy for you visiting the park to conclude that it is a specially designated center toward researching, preservation and breeding of butterflies.

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What To Know about Bali Bufferfly Park?

Releasing butterflies

Somehow, the park seems to have a mandate of releasing a minimum of 3500 individual butterflies every month. They could also been seen as the major manifold for butterflies all through the whole of Indonesia. Visiting the park is definitely one of the best things to do in Bali.

Biggest Butterfly Park in Indonesia

Aside the aforementioned, this butterfly garden is also the home of quite a lot of insect-made handcrafts which includes the likes of Frame content butterfly (Butterfly Framing), Frame content beetle (Framing Beetle), insect-made key chains, fiber-made paper weight which contains a beautiful butterfly painting, Butterfly paintings crafts amongst many others. So far, it is seen as Indonesia’s biggest Butterfly Park. The park extensively contains lots of beautiful, different colored butterflies. The park is as convenient as it can be for preserving your butterfly and conducting other extensive research and studies.

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Bali Butterfly Park lies within the axis of Jln. Batukaru, Br.Sandan bees, Wanasari, Tabanan Indonesia. This is however a 6Km up north drive to the city center garden.

Opening hours8:00am to 5:00pm
AdmissionIDR 80.000 per individual
ParkingFree of charge

This park is open until 5 PM, but they wont allow you to enter one hour before close because they believe you wont enjoy it in only one hour.



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spot famous komodo dragon

Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?

An opportunity to view animals sourced from all corners of the globe

This Marine Park is home to several hundreds of animals consisting more than 50 species. When you visit Bali Safari and Marine Park in Indonesia, you get to experience a safari adventure just like you would have when taking a tour of African wildlife in real life. There are leopards, white tigers, cheetahs, massive elephants and many more littered across the park

Bali Leading Theme Park

Almost no one will miss to see exotic animals during their Bali vacation. Spread all tourism flyers on the table, I bet you won’t fail to recognize Bali Safari and Marine Park. It is the leading theme park in Bali.

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What To Know about Bali Safari & Marine Park?

Home to endangered species

Some of world’s endangered species have found safety in Bali Park where they are protected from poachers.

A Safari to Wildlife

Animal shows, attractions and encounters might be your main recreation to pursue at the first place you think about Bali. As one of best place to visit in Bali, Bali Safari and Marine Park care and conserve more than 100 species.

Daily shows

They have everyday shows like Breakfast with Lions, Giraffe Feeding, Meerkat Feeding, Free Balinese Dance Class, Piranha Feeding, Animal Show, Elephant Bathing and Feeding, Tiger Show, Elephant Show, White Tiger Feeding Encounter, Pony Ride for Kids, Crock Attack, Elephant Patrol and Lion Feeding. For best things to do in Bali Safari and Marine Park, you can take 4×4 Safari, Elephant Back Safari or Night Safari.

Water Park and Funzone

Waterpark, and Funzone will cheer up families during their visit to Bali Safari and Marine Park. Climbing car, watermania, gogo bouncer, Inca Maya, Jungle Cruise, merry go round, spinning coaster, trampoline, bungee trampoline, flume ride, and hydrolift are more than enough to make sure your family spend a great time here. The bottom line is Bali Safari and Marine Park is a perfect destination for one day family recreation. It is educational and fun.

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Bali Safari and Marine Park is located at Gianyar, Bali. It is an hour drive from Denpasar. For your convenience, they have pick up points at Nusa Dua, Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Sanur, and Ubud. A shuttle bus will pick you up around 8:30 am as detailed information is here.  

Opening hoursDay Safari: 9.00 am – 5.30 pm
Night Safari: 6.00 pm – 9.00 pm
AdmissionStarts from 800.000 IDR/person

You do need a full day to enjoy the park especially if you are with kids.
Buy your tickets online to beat the line on site.



Bali Guide

 batur global geopark 

Finest Caldera in the World

Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?

Finest Caldera in the World

The Batur Global Geopark in Bali was acknowledged by UNESCO as earth geological heritage in September 2012. It was the first global geopark in Indonesia. Located at Bangli regency, the geopark is well known of its scenery beauty, double calderas, crescent shaped volcanic lake, and Mt. Batur volcano. This fine region is occupied by 15 villages and well known of their geoproducts: Kintamani sweet orange and civet coffee–great stuffs to buy beside wood carving, bamboo and wooden crafts.

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What To Know about Batur Global Geopark?

Events and Festival throughout the Year

Celebrated by global people, Batur Global Geopark is a perfect host for events and festivals. Some of them are Festival Nusantara, Batur Global Geopark Anniversary, Ngusaba Tegan rituals, Ngusaba Kedasa Ceremony, and Penglipuran Village Festivals and many more. Make sure you check Batur Global Geopark’ official site to get the latest news and agenda.

Batur Geopark Museum

Batur Global Geopark is one of earth heritage. All information about the region is fully presented in a museum. Visiting Batur Geopark Museum is the easiest way to get full information about Batur and Bali. It will elevate your Bali vacation to the next level. One of best thing to do in Bali, it is a must have on every Bali tour itinerary.

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If you plan to witness the beauty of Mt. Batur caldera, plan ahead for 2 hours trip from Ngurah Rai Airport. Batur Global Geopark area is located at Bantang, Kintamani, Bangli Regency.

Opening hours08:00 – 16:00 (Batur Geopark Museum)
AdmissionFree; USD 3.00 for Batur Geopark Museum

One review on Tripadvisor said, “It’s a must place to visit to understand Bali.  A playground for those who love geography.”



Bali Guide

 turtle conservation 

and education center

Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?

A conservation center rich in turtle life

Saving endangered species is a noble act worthy of praise and emulation and the turtle conservation center in Kota, endangered turtle species are nurtured to maturity and released back into the wild. At this center, you can join the effort of this life saving work for a token.

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What To Know about Turtle Conservation and Education Center?

Nurse turtles back to life

Turtle meat and eggs has long being an essential ingredient in Bali delicacy and religious rituals of people in the area and this has led to near extinction of Bali turtle species. For 150,000 Rupiah you can take part in releasing one turtle that has been nursed to maturity into the sea.

Fantastic Education

The center provides tourists with a fantastic opportunity to learn about various species of turtles and egg hatching techniques.

Nice and Helping Guide

You might experience good hospitality of local people during your Bali vacation. Here at TCEC Serangan you will find even helpful and informative people. They will answer all your question about turtle. They also will guide you to roam all round the facility. They are ultimate travel guides.

Turtle Conservation and Education Center is at Tukad Punggawa Lingkungan Ponjok road, Serangan , Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. You can reach it from various Bali places like Denpasar, Kuta, Nusa Dua and Sanur.

Opening hoursOpens for morning sessions from 9:00am -10:00am and an afternoon session from 3:00pm – 4:00pm.
AdmissionFree entry, collect donations from visitor
Cost per turtle: 150,000 Rupiah
Parking5.000 IDR

Asking what to do in Bali will not need any complicated answer if you are a nature’s best friend. Check out Turtle Conservation and Education Center at Tripadvisor, Youtube, or their official site.



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 bali zoo 

over 500 rare and exotic animals

Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?

Bali’s one and only zoological wonder

Bali Zoo is the first and only park of zoology providing visitors from all over the world with an opportunity to observe at close quarters animals in their natural habitat. You can participate in a harmless but very exciting adventure as well as enjoy the rich vegetation that Indonesia is blessed with.

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What To Know about Bali Zoo?

Over 600 rare animal collection

The animal species found in Bali Zoo are not only residents of the island but also sourced from the far corners of the earth. There are large elephants, African lions, Orangutans and many other amazing animals worth seeing.

Wheelchair Accessible

The zoo is designed to accommodate the special needs of physically challenged Individuals with special needs. There are trams and walkways suitable for visitors who move with wheelchairs from one point to another.

Lush tropical environment

Bali Zoo is rich in plant and animal life and you can participate in very fascinating wildlife adventures unique to only Indonesian wildlife. There are even activities that are safe for children so you can bring your little ones along and expect and amazing time out dipped with fun and excitement. You can even have breakfast or lunch with your family in the presence of adorable Orangutans. At Bali Zoo there’s so much to see and enjoy.

Night at The Zoo

Are you enough with Bali lively  nightlife? I will suggest you to book Bali Zoo night programme. They offer nocturnal best thing to do in Bali for wildlife lover: Guided Night Walking Tours, Fire Dance performance, Nocturnal Animal Presentation and Giant Gentle hand feeding, up to Dine Under the Stars with Lions. Sounds soothing great isn’t it?

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Bali Zoo is located in Singapadu, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali Indonesia.

Opening hours09:00 am to 17:00 pm
Admission140.000 IDR for Indonesian Nationals
USD 25 for International Tourists

Are you ready for  wildlife encounters? Check what others did at Bali Zoo here or here.



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 biorock pemuteran 

Home to The Largest Artificial Biorock Reef Project

Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?

Coral & Marine Life

If you are a fan of coral and marine life , this dive site is a must visit.  Biorock Pemuteran is actually a project to regrow coral that has been wrecked. It was first developed in 2000 by Chris Brown. A number of various coral has been placed in the depth of 6-8 metres. There are other sea creatures such as seahorse, manta rays, hammerheads to hindu gods.

Fun Snorkeling Time

Snorkeling in Pemuteran is so easy and fun. Your kids and family will be happy to see many beautiful corals and clown fishes. Some divers even claim that they have seen an octopus.

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What To Know about Biorock Pemuteran Bali?

Helping Coral Life

The Biorock project is the largest artificial biorock reef in the world. This project is dedicated to helping coral life.

How to Get to Pemuteran

You can rent a car and drive from Lovina to Pemuteran. A direct drive from Denpasar, Seminyak , Kuta will take about 4 hours driving.

Grow Your Own Coral

In this project, you can sponsor a baby coral and have your name welded to grow the corals on.

Kids Friendly

Without diving, the children can see the beautiful corals and reef life.

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Pemuteran, Gerokgak, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81155, Indonesia

Opening hours08.00 – 20.00
ParkingIDR 10,000

See more stories about coral and reef life in Bali



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 elephant safari park 

Bali’s Only Elephant’s Theme Park

Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?

Largest herd of Sumatran Elephant

A great place for family and animal lovers. Built by experts with great care. The elephants lives comfortably. Close to nature. The park also has the largest Sumatran elephant. It protects the animal from extinction. They were rescued from Central & Southern Sumatra.

Get Close to The Elephants

You can feed them, touch them and take photos with them. If you want to ride on their backs, there are charges apply. Elephants are smart animals. You can see them painting at selected times daily.

Stunning Location

Enjoy the fresh air and lush forests! This is where you can get the only elephant experience in Bali. It is claimed as the best elephant park in the world.

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What To Know about Elephant Safari Park?

Family Friendly

The park is ideal for family. Opens 7 days per week. It has great facilities, museum and information center.

Large Collection of Elephant Memorabilia

You will see the only mammoth skeleton in South East Asia.

Things Visitors Allowed to Do

You can touch and hand feed elephants. Watch elephant’s performance. Ride elephants through the forest. Learn amazing facts in the museum. Children can participates in mini rides.

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Jl. Elephant Safari Park, Tegalalalang, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia.

Opening hoursOpen 24 hours
AdmissionIDR 330,000
ParkingIDR 10,000

I recommend to see how travelers spend a day at Elephant Safari Park on YouTube.


I Putu Apriana

Bali Guide

 bali sharks 

Swimming with Sharks – Serangan

Why go there? What to know? Where is it?

Why go There?

Safe & Personal Interaction with Sharks

The only theme park that lets you swim with shark in Bali. It is safe and fun. This activity also educate people about shark. The project was found by Hawaiian surfer, Paul Friese. They safe the shark from being killed. Taking care of them in the area.

Suits for All Ages & Experience Levels

Don’t worry if you cannot swim. You still can enjoy a day at Bali Sharks. Visitors can feed the sharks in close distance. This activity suits all ages. From children to adults can swim with sharks. They provide fun learn with proper facility. You will experience three hours tour. Swimming with sharks, tour to Marine garden and visiting turtle rescue. Surely, lots of fun!

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What To Know about Batur Bali Sharks?

What You Get from the Tour?

It is already include meals and refreshment. You can bring a towel, camera, and wear swimsuit. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen!

Additional Activity

You watch baby turtles hatched and release back to their natural habitat. This is definitely a fun and educational trip for all ages.

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Jl. Tukad Punggawa No.25, Serangan, Denpasar Sel., Kota Denpasar, Bali

Opening hours08.00 – 16.00
Admission$100 for adults $90 for children. Free for under 5 years old.
ParkingIDR 10,000

This is how travellers meet and get close to sharks in Bali Sharks.



Bali Guide