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It is not easy to find perfect guide for you next vacation. Read below why you need to hire one and what to avoid.

Do you really need a guide or a driver?

I love to travel independently. To wander alone the streets, gazing at shops, coming into the coffee bars, smiling to the people. I love it, because I feel free, self-reliant, calm, and confident. Time belongs to me and me only.

But there are situations when I have to use someones help.


Because sometimes there is no public transport and I have to go somewhere by cab.  I need to feel safe and I prefer to be with someone trustworthy. Or I want to explore a place with someone who knows all the facts and can tell me more than I would read in a guidebook. So sometimes I look for a local guide or a driver, who later becomes my friend. Yes, my friend! It happens quite often.


There are two types of guides.

Professionals, people who work in turistic industry. They are usually well trained, experienced, knowing their job, but you may feel this relation is in some sense official.

The other type are people, who work somewhere else and just know their neighborhood well. So guiding is their other job, a hobby even. These people maybe aren’t such professional and make some mistakes, but you can feel these relationship is more  authentic.


Which type is better?

It depends on what are you looking for. What is your view on  a professional background or professional certificates? How important is a professional experience for you? These are important features. But what if you take another perspective? If you try to choose not professionalism but personality? There are profiles in the web where guides introduce themselves, say about their interests, visions on some things, they upload their pictures, so you can tell what kind of person this specific guide is.

How do you like to travel? Tell us in comments below!