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There is no one answer and it’s not easy to resolve: to organize local trips in advance or to improvise?

Traveling spontaneously, without a plan, is tempting. Be adventurous! Do not book a hotel, do not plan, do not read what to see, do not organize local trips, just go!

It has an element of romanticism, a little bit of wild spirit. Because you just walk forward, and you have no idea of where you will go, what you’ll see, where you will be staying.

How to travel spontaneously?

Of course, such travel is possible therefore many people do it this way. Usually, however, they have a lot of time and only a few commitments.

Such trip is most suitable for solo travels. When you are alone, you do not have to make any compromises and have a minimum number of restrictions. It is worth to travel during the “gap year” or when you have to decide life on the go.

How to travel with plan?

But can we afford it when we only have two weeks of vacation? When do we go with family, especially with small children? Or with a larger group of friends?


So, how to experience your holidays, peacefully, safely way, without feeling confused or threatened that something will not work? And at the same time feeling: freedom, independence, and obey your own rules? What can we do to make our holidays perfect?

Certainly the solution is simple. Find someone local who knows the area, knows the local conditions and can help you to organize local trips.

Above all, I do not like to travel with a group of random people, as it may happen with trips from travel agencies. I want to become independent and make decisions by myself. That is why the best solution for me is to hire a local guide or driver. Usually, both functions are performed by the same person.

But this is not the end, because I organize everything before I leave. Why?

Haste makes waste

Sitting calmly at home, on the couch, I read about the place where I am going. In result, I have time to think and decide what I want to see, what I want to experience.

I’m considering the suggestions made by different guides. I have time to contact them, talk through the Internet. And therefore choose the person who meets my expectations best. I take their professional experience into account and read the opinions of other tourists.

Time gives me the opportunity to choose carefully and thoughtfully. I have a better chance that I will be happy with my choice.

For example:

There is Nyepi, a Day of Silence once a year in Bali. This is time when nobody on the whole island can go out of the building.

The Tripamigos’ guide I Wayan recommends to come to Bali in time of Nyepi. It’s one of a kind experience, he says.

But it needs a good planning in advance, as many websites write about it. Check out Bali Magazine!


I Wayan

The Tripamigos’ guide

Nice to meet you

It is good to contact the guide earlier, and finally I do it before leaving. Thanks to the previous talk, we are not strangers to each other anymore. That gives me a sense of security and inner peace.

I can explain my doubts, ask questions. With their answers I can see what a person this guide is. Finally I can feel that everything will be fine. If I do not get that conviction, I still have time to change my mind and choose another person.

Many guides are friendly, sociable persons, who like their job and love to meet new people. They answer questions gladly.

The Tripamigos’ guide Hery says:

I am an open and easygoing person. I have a good relationship with people from every country and culture. I can adapt to any situation. I have a good personal approach to new customers.

It’s great to meet different people, different personalities, different views on life. I like to talk and exchange stories.



The Tripamigos’ guide

It’s going to be my way

I read a lot about the destination of my holidays, watch videos on YouTube, look through photos, and see what I want to see. As a result, I don’t let other people decide. I know what I’m interested in and I do not rely on random offers. I also check practical information, such as entry ticket prices, transport costs, and food products.

When I finally know all of this and have my plan, I call the guide and present my expectations. So we discuss them together and I can be relaxed and do not have to bend to anyone. Nobody will take me to the places that are boring to me. It’s going to be my way.

The Tripamigos’ guide Mardika says:

Since this is my passion, I love doing the guiding. I am fully enjoying it when clients listen to my explanation and dig more history like they are hungry for more. When I can give them the right and historical information about the attraction, that paid off. I feel so special.



The Tripamigos’ guide

Knowledge is a key to the power

When I arrange everything before I leave, I know what awaits me, and the guide knows what awaits him/her. We are both calm. All doubts have been clarified. I presented my expectations.

For example, I said that I would arrive with small children and we will have to stop frequently. I showed my fears, and the guide dispelled them.

Holidays are for relaxing

Happy Holidays!

If I did everything before I left, I could be sure that only pleasures are waiting for me. I will not have to look after anything, run around local tourist agencies, talk guides on the streets.

I will pack my sunglasses in the bag, take a hat and leave the hotel to meet the guide who will be waiting for me in the driveway. Even the water does not have to be packed in the bag, because my guide will probably have it in the car. Oh no, wait! Probably not, I know it for sure, because in earlier talks the guide explained it to me.

So go and have a great trip, Amigo!

Let’s talk!

Do you organize local trips before leaving home? Or maybe it kills spontaneity? What’s your opinion?