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Before going to Bali, there’s a number of things to consider, like where to stay and what to do. If you’re not sure yet, check out this list of the top 11 best places to visit while in Bali.

When people think about Bali, they imagine the ocean, lush greenery, soaring mountains, secretive temples and beautiful, smiling people wearing sarongs. And you know what? They are right! This is Bali, the Indonesian island. I feel like I’m in paradise every time I’m there. You can sit on the balcony of your hotel, eat mango and look at rice paddies and feel like you’re in heaven. It’s already great. But you could do more. Curious what? Check out 11 best places to visit in Bali!

1. Temple of Tanah Lot

Go to the Land in the Sea and Meet a Giant Snake!

Tanah Lot means the Land in the Sea, as the temple is located on the rock about 20 meters from the shore. What is interesting, the passage remains free only at the low tide. During the high tide it becomes flooded and inaccessible. There is a nice video of Tanah Lot aerial view on Youtube, so you can see by yourself how magnificent the place is. But not only a spectacular location makes Tanah Lot one of the best attraction in Bali.

The waves, constantly striking the rock, created a series of caves that became the home of sea serpents ( like this one). Locals believe that these snakes protect the temple from evil spirits. For a small fee, you can enter the Holy Snake Cave and see the holy snakes.

But wait! As the legend says, in the local waters for centuries lives a giant serpent who also protects the temple. Not everyone is lucky enough to see this almighty creature. Therefore there is no price for seeing it.

One more fact about Tanah Lot and the reason why it’s one of the most important places to visit in Bali is that the temple belongs to seven temples which form a spiritual wall protecting the land against the demons.

Therefore go there! I’s a very safe place.


Tanah Lot is a stunning place. The waves are huge here. I always recommend to go there in time of sunset. It’s an amazing view.


The Tripamigos’ guide Jero

says yes to Tanah Lot Temple

2. Uluwatu Temple

Look at the World from a Bird’s Eye View!

Uluwatu Temple is another iconic attraction you have to visit while in Bali. This temple carefully sits on the cliff edge in the southwestern Bukit Peninsula.

What is nice fact, Uluwatu is a sea temple and along with Tanah Lot protects the island from evilness.

Top of the cliff is about 70 meters above sea level. The silence here is disturbed only by the screams of monkeys and the sound of waves breaking on rocks far below.

Lina and David from Divergent Travelers uploaded a nice tour of Uluwatu Temple on Youtube. Can you say it is not an impressive place?

At sunset, shows of traditional Kecak Dance take place in the amphitheater overlooking the sea. If you are interested how show of Kecak Dance looks, take a peek here. There is a group of men without shirts in sarongs in black and white check dancing and rhythmically repeating “chaka” sounds. Kecak performances do not use musical instruments. The human voice replaces them.

This shows are unbelievably spectacular.


This place is simply unreal!


The Tripamigos’ guide Banat

recommends Uluwatu Temple.

3. Besakih Temple

Go and Hug the Mother!

Besakih is the largest and the most important temple of Bali, so it’s called the Mother Temple by the Balinese people. Pilgrims from all over the island come here.

With no doubt, you will meet here many locals in traditional Balinese dress, carrying baskets with offerings, going in silence and peace to ceremony.

This terrace temple is located on the slope of Mount Agung at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. As the result the view is spectacular. Thanks to Hi Indonesia Channel on Youtube we can see the temple premises.

Are you still asking, why is it one of the best places in Bali?


It’s the most important temple in Bali. A must for everyone, Balinese and tourists.


The Tripamigos’ guide I Putu

goes often with the tourists to Besakih Temple.

4. Monkey Forest in Ubud

Go and Meet the Monkey Mind!

Bali isn’t just the beautiful temples. While there, you have to visit the Ubud sacred forest, called the Monkey Forest (link to the official website is here) Just as the name implies, this forest is the habitat of monkeys, more precisely crab-eating macaques, also known as Balinese long-tailed monkeys.

Playing with monkey could be the highlight of your Bali vacation, but usually isn’t. Monkeys are known for their mean character and have rather bad reputation. So before going to the Monkey Forest, leave your pieces of jewelry and snacks in your hotel. Sometimes a monkey likes to steal a hat or a pair of glasses but most of the time they do not pay attention to people. You have to remember, they are home and you are a guest here. So please, be humble and polite!

Check out the BBC video about monkeys thieves!

In the park, among the greenery, there are hidden small temples, cute statues, winding paths and picturesque bridges. Because it is quite humid here, stones and walls are overgrown with moss, what strengthens the fairy-tale atmosphere.

Who wouldn’t want to be in a fairy-tale negotiating with a monkey wizzard?


The Monkey Forest is a beautiful, mysterious place and the monkeys are funny creatures. It’s good to spend some time with them.


The Tripamigos’ guide Mardika

recommends to see Ubud Monkey Forest.

5. Pura Gunung Kawi

Go Down to the 11th Century!

Pura Gunung Kawi is a special place, one of the most important attractions and a highlight of every trip to Bali. Why?

Gunung Kawi is a complex of royal family tombs. What is really impressive, it includes a group of 10 candis, gravestones from the 11th century, carved out of the rocky cliffs of the Pakerisan Gorge.

You go down the stairs between the rice paddies. And after a while you see the complex sunk in lush tropical greenery. And rocks covered with moss make a mysterious impression.

I found a nice footage of Pura Gunung Kawi here, on LimeWave channel on Youtube.

As legend says, the candis were carved out by Kebo Iwa with his own fingernails during one night. Don’t you think you should see his amazing work?

You can’t be disappointed with Pura Gunung Kawi, because it’s a magical place. Hidden down by the banks of Pakerisan River gives people sense of serenity.


The Tripamigos’ guide I Komang

says yes to Pura Gunung Kawi.

6. Pura Tirta Empul

Go Take a Dip!

If you ask yourself if to go to Pura Tirta Empul, don’t ask anymore! This is the place you can not miss, which is on the very short list of the best things to do in Bali.

As legend states, the god Indra created the holy spring here. The first king of Bali Mayadanawa poisoned Indra’s army, so to save his soldiers, Indra pierced the earth and the spring of immortality burst out of it. This spring is still here. That’s why people from all over the island come to Pura Tirta Empul to immerse in holy water. The ritual of purification is called a melukat.

Check out the video on Yong Sagita channel!

You can’t deny that observing the ritual of purification and even taking part in it is a special experience.

It’s not only sightseeing. It’s one of a kind experience of purification.


The Tripamigos’ guide I Wayan

recommends to see Pura Tirta Empul.

7. Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

Go and Feel Like 50 000 Rupiah!

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan is a must for every tourist in Bali. It’s because the temple located at an altitude of 1200 metres by Lake Bratan looks like it floats on the water.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan is an elegant temple surrounded by a beautiful garden. Therefore this place is not only a place of worship but also a quiet and relaxing spot for locals as well as tourists.

Choose three random photos from Bali! At least one of them will be Ulun Danu Bratan. You will find this temple on the covers of guidebooks and travel magazines. And that’s not the end. It’s also on the banknote of 50 000 rupiah.

So do you think you can miss this place?


It’s a stunning, really awesome place. There is no other such picturesque temple like Ulun Danu Bratan.

The Tripamigos’ guide Hery


8. Ubud Palace

Go and Feel Like a Royal!

The palace was the official residence of the royal family of Ubud. It is located in the city center, so it is easily accessible. Living in Ubud you can go there anytime and who knows, maybe you will meet someone from the royal family. Because the royal family members still live here. Some of the rooms are closed to the public, but generally tourists can move around freely.

The last rulers of Ubud, Tjokord Gede Agung Sukawati and his brother Tjokord Gede Rak Sukawati supported local artists and those from all over the world. As the result they invited Walter Spies and Rudolf Bonnet to Ubud. Soon, more famous artists like Charlie Chaplin, Noel Coward, Barbara Hutton, and H.G. Wells and writer Vicki Baum came. They all lived in Ubud Palace.

Now you can live here as well. In 1928 Tjokorda Gede Agung Sukawati opened a hotel in the palace. Hence the royal palace was the first hotel in Ubud. Today, guests can also sleep in the palace.

The Ubud Palace is a regular host for a variety of performances, from literature to music and dance. Legong dance shows are available here everyday.


Go there to see impressive traditional Balinese dance.

The Tripamigos’ guide Eka


9. Blue Point Beach

Go and Feel Like a Pirate!

The Blue Point Beach is a splendid gift from the Mother Nature to us people and one of the best places to see in Bali. The beach is hidden between two cliffs and to reach it you have to go down the stairs. Yes, it is tiring but when you are down already, you know, it was worth!

As the beach is prepared to offer you a pirate like atmosphere you’ll find fascinating, maybe you will discover a treasure chest here?


It’s one of the best beaches of Bali, secretive, mysterious, hidden. Not as any other beach.


The Tripamigos’ guide Made

likes the Blue Point Beach.

10. Goa Gajah

Go And Look Into Elephant Cave!

Have you ever imagined being swallowed by the demon? If you haven’t, this might be a chance for you to experience it. Yes, that is Bali’s attraction! The Goa Gajah entrance is designed to look like a demon’s mouth. Maybe this is not the most beautiful or subtlest view, but undoubtedly unusual.

You know, Goa Gajah is quite a mysterious place. A cave from the eleventh century, discovered only in the nineteenth century poses many questions. Like the purpose of it is not known and there is no certainty why it is called the Elephant Cave.

A tropical forest is quiet, calm and you can say captivating. Behind the temple there is a path that leads to the jungle with waterfalls.


It’s close to Ubud so you shouldn’t miss the chance to see the cave. It is really interesting place.”

The Tripamigos’ guide Gusti Ngurah


11. Tegallalang

Bali is know for its rice paddies, which offer stunning views. Tegallalang terraced rice field is not only a beautiful nature. You can learn here about subak, traditional irrigation system, which is enlisted as a UNESCO world heritage site.


Painters and nature lovers enjoy visiting this spot, and there are numerous of art kiosks and cafes near.


The Tripamigos’ guide Kadek

recommends to see Tegallalang rice paddies.

So go and have a great trip, Amigo!

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