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A dream island, which has it all. Beaches, volcanoes, jungle, waterfalls, rice fields, stunning architecture, complex and sophisticated culture and gentle, beautiful people. Interested in sport activities? Try surfing near Uluwatu. Looking for a spiritual enlightment? Go to Ubud to one of many yoga retreats. Fancy a coffee? Go on the plantation to try kopi luwak, the most expensive and the best, as many say, coffee in the world.

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Pura Gunung Kawi

When you go slowly downstairs, you may feel, something incredible is waiting for you down there. And you are not disappointed, when you find ten seven-meter high rock-cut candis from XI century.

Pura Tirta Empul

There is a specific ambience in Pura Tirta Empul. People take a dip in the pool, called petirtaan. As they believe, the spring of holy water flows here, worshippers come to the temple for ritual purification.


In Uluwatu Temple sitting on the high cliff, you may feel like flying above the sea. Kecak Fire Dance performed here in time of the sunset is just epic. And Uluwatu is one of the best surfers spots on the island.

Ubud Palace

This unbelievable complex with a secret garden gives you a feeling of mystery. Placed in the heart of Ubud it was the official residence of local royal family. In the evening Kecak Dance show is available here.

Tanah Lot

The temple, lying on the lonely rock, always has something for you. During the low tide, gives you the way through. During the high tide, view of spectacular waves, crashing on the rock.


This spectacular view of rice paddies can take your breath away. You can research innovative irrigation system, called subak as well. No wonder it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Monkey Forest

Place of meetings with Bali's VIPs ? monkeys. If you?d like to socialize with them in the beautiful surrounding, it?s the marvelous spot. But remember, monkeys are rather rebellious types.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

This elegant temple, surrounded by beautiful garden, is not only the place of religious importance and not only quiet, relaxing spot. It's the symbol of Bali, pictured on the 50,000 rupiah bill.


Village of Petulu gives you a chance to meet with thousands of herons at once. Each sunset these white birds fly here from all over island.

Mount Batur

Trekking on the Mount Batur can be quite a challenge, but worth the sweat. It's an active volcano and the sacred mountain. And to see the sunrise from the top it's the one of a kind experience.

Goa Gajah

Ever dreamt about being swallowed by the demon? It can happen in Elephant Cave as the entrance is a carved demon's mouth. This IX century sanctuary is added to UNESCO World Tentative list.

Ayung River Rafting

Especially during dry part of the year, Ayung River is excellent for the whole family!

Yeh Pulu

If you are looking for a quiet and un-mainstream place, yet interesting, go to Yeh Pulu archeological site. You will find there rock carvings from XIV century, surrounded by rice paddies.

Blue Point Beach

If you want to feel like a pirate, who just came out on the land from his sailing-ship, go down the steep hill to this mysterious beach hidden between two cliffs. Maybe you will find the treasure chest there?

Pura Taman Ayun

Taman Ayun means beautiful garden. This royal water temple is nice for the eyes and for the heart as well. Surrounded by the moat isolate you from the chaos and gives the feel of serenity.
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