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A dream island, which has it all. Beaches, volcanoes, jungle, waterfalls, rice fields, stunning architecture, complex and sophisticated culture and gentle, beautiful people. Interested in sport activities? Try surfing near Uluwatu. Looking for a spiritual enlightment? Go to Ubud to one of many yoga retreats. Fancy a coffee? Go on the plantation to try kopi luwak, the most expensive and the best, as many say, coffee in the world. Let's go


Want to live in a fairy tale? Go to Rajasthan! If you ever dreamed about being a princess wandering through shaded rooms of romantic palace or being a powerful maharaja, riding an elephant, decorated in golden adornments, Rajasthan will fuel your imagination even more. Majestic forts, breathtaking palaces, narrow colorful streets of the cities, where shy ladies in vibrant saris, are covering their beautiful faces and men in huge turbans, called Pagari, go somewhere fast and with confidence. Let's go

New Delhi

Crazy place, but crazy usually means exciting. Wide, clean streets of New Delhi and narrow, hectic alleys of Old Delhi, both are worth to explore. Rikshas, tuktuks, motors, bicycles, cars, and many, many active, lively people. Everything here is an emotional experience. Sightseeing all these Unesco Heritage Sites like Humayun's Tomb or Qutb Minar. Shopping on the cheap Khan Market or in elegant center Hauz Khas Village. Eating in one of many street stalls or in the fancy restaurant. And above all meeting local energetic people. Let's go
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The time has come! You’re going on holidays. And you want everything to be perfect. Well, most of how it’ll go depends on you. One of the most important choices you’ll have to make is your guide. You’ll spend a lot of time together. An incompetent, rude or not trustworthy or reliable guide can ruin your vacations. It’s good to choose them wisely. So to which qualities should you pay most attention to?

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Bali is said to be a paradise and not without reason. There are beautiful beaches, great vulcanoes and thick green jungle on the island. The vibrant culture is intriguing and the people who live there are nice and calm. But, of course, nothing is perfect. There are some baddies everywhere, even in a paradise. Mother Nature can be a tough lady. And even minor illness can ruin your vacation. Most of these issues can be avoided easily. So remember! Feel safe, but be smart.

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Traveling spontaneously, without a plan, is tempting. It has an element of romanticism, a little bit of wild spirit. You just walk forward, and you have no idea of where you will go, what you’ll see, where you will be staying.

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Passionate Writer, Translator, expert in subtitling, digital media. Traveled to 59 countries over the world (so far...). Co-founder of TripAmigos. At TripAmigos, we believe that a meeting of a tourist with a guide is that of two interesting personalities and that of a riveting inspiration. That is why travelling is, every time, a whole new experience – you see, you discover, you broaden your horizons and you let yourself see the world in a new, revolutionary way.

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