Have you got Questions? Check the responses below:

At TripAmigos we believe in best in the class service for tourists and guides. Join us to start your adventure with new, simpler way of working and connect to the people from the whole world!

Q. What is TripAmigos?

We have created TripAmigos to connect tourists - from all over the world - with tour guides, who operate locally in areas where tourists love to come. Tourists usually prefer to book a trip or tour in advance, before they actually leave their country. They want to feel more secure, relaxed and prefer to avoid last minute arrangements after arrival: tourists are bombarded with propositions, and usually choose the loudest, not the best. All this might negatively impact the relations between a guide and a tourist. Who likes annoying tourists, right? On the other hand, travel guides spend most of their time looking for clients, instead of doing something more important, like spending time with their families!

So here is TripAmigos. Both tourist and the guide can agree the options, price and service level earlier and wait for the arrival in a relaxed way.

In TripAmigos we believe that passion and love for one's country is most important to being a great guide. Our ambition is to help creative and energetic people to become better guides and help tourists to fully experience and enjoy their vacations.

Q. Am I going to pay any fees?

There are no registration or subscriptions fees. In the future there might be a subscription fee, but only for the guides with many agreed trips.

Go ahead and sign up now!

Q. I represent a small travel agency, can I sign up?

Sure. We are open to everyone, who is passionate, efficient, energetic and delivers good service.

Q. Who will send me requests for trips?

Millions of people travel across the world, from single young fellows, through families with children, to old retired couples. Most of them need knowledgeable and honest guide to show them around and who will make their vacation memorable. Some of them know where to go, know the history of your neighborhood but have no transport. Others are undecided and need your guidance in terms of which places to visit.

Q. How do I agree the price with the tourist?

You will set the price based on tourist expectations with regard to the duration of the trip, or places required to go to. You need to be flexible - sometimes tourists will have a good idea about which places they want to visit, sometimes they will ask you for a recommendation which places are best to see. At the end it is you, who know best which price is right. And the tourists will decide if they are fine with it.

Q. I do not have a car, can I be a guide?

Having a car or van is recommended, but it depends on specific situations. In some instances roaming by car on crowded streets is not as efficient as using public transportation.

Q. How will I be notified about the request from the tourist?

Through both e-mail and a notification on your mobile through mobile app. You will be able to immediately prepare your offer on your smartphone, or via web service.