Have you got Questions? Check the responses below:

At TripAmigos we believe in best in the class service for tourists and guides. Join us to start your adventure with new, simpler way of working and connect to the people from the whole world!

Q. What is TripAmigos?

We have created TripAmigos to connect tourists - from all over the world - with tour guides, who operate locally in areas where tourists love to come. Tourists usually prefer to book a trip or tour in advance, before they actually leave their country. They want to feel more secure, relaxed and prefer to avoid last minute arrangements after arrival: tourists are bombarded with propositions, and usually choose the loudest, not the best. All this might negatively impact the relations between a guide and a tourist. Who likes annoying tourists, right? On the other hand, travel guides spend most of their time looking for clients, instead of doing something more important, like spending time with their families!

So here is TripAmigos. Both tourist and the guide can agree the options, price and service level earlier and wait for the arrival in a relaxed way.

In TripAmigos we believe that passion and love for one's country is most important to being a great guide. Our ambition is to help creative and energetic people to become better guides and help tourists to fully experience and enjoy their vacations.

Q. Who are TripAmigos guides?

The guides are cautiously selected local guides or drivers with best references. Many of the guides are professional tour operators, but we also invite local enthusiasts to offer their free time to host tourists. This way you have more choices and can pick the type of guide works best for you.

Q. Why I need to wait for the answers from guides?

Imagine you need a new video camera. There are many types, models and manufacturers. First you spend time finding out which one will be best for you. Then you will shop around, to find best price over Internet. When it comes to travel, you get both with TripAmigos! You select attractions you like to visit, and then ask the guides for price. The guides will come back with their best offers and you will choose one of them. As the offers are prepared by the guides when they get the request from you, it might take a while before the reply.

Q. How the guide will contact me?

The guide will contact you via email when you select his or her offer. It might not be right away, since the guides are frequently busy with other tourists. The guide will contact you to agree any details, like the actual place of pickup, time of the pickup, or to answer your queries.

Q. Why do I need to confirm the request after submission?

Our guides prepare customized offers based on the request from the tourist. This takes time and effort. As we value their time, we want to make sure they respond only to inquiries from tourists who are absolutely sure about the trip and have valid email addresses.

Q. What happens when the guide will not show up?

This is very unlikely event. Our guides are trusted, have best record of tourist service and frequently have been long in business. However in such case, TripAmigos will make every effort to find a replacement within same, or similar price. Just contact us via email.

Q. Why do I need to select attractions?

TripAmigos pages contain pictures and descriptions of all interesting attractions in given area. We believe tourist should choose the attractions based on their preferences, rather than guides. This way we can make your travel experience much better that just relying on guide choices.

Q. Will the guide pick me up from the hotel?

Yes, our guides will pick you from the hotel, or any other place you are, or will be staying. Just make sure you communicate this clearly the place and the hour of the pickup.

Q. Will I be safe on the trip?

Our guides have best record of customer service and have great recommendations. Feel free to review testimonials from other customers before making your choice.

Q. How will I pay for the trip?

You will pay directly to the guide. The price the guide is offering is his/her commitment. You will pay cash when you meet the guide.

Q. Can agreed price change?

The price will not change, since the guide offer is his/her commitment made when submitting the offer. However if you will want to update the attractions list, or increase number of days, they guide will have every right to ask for price increase.

Q. How to contact the guide?

It is recommended to contact directly via email, but in urgent cases you can count on the help from TripAmigos staff.

Q. How best make a decision which guide to choose?

All our guides have their profiles where you can read about their hobbies, experience, testimonials, and browse pictures from their previous trips. It is recommended to browse through the profiles before making final decision. Look also at the price and other benefits offered, like free water, or parking fees.