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A dream island, which has it all. Beaches, volcanoes, jungle, waterfalls, rice fields, stunning architecture, complex and sophisticated culture and gentle, beautiful people. Interested in sport activities? Try surfing near Uluwatu. Looking for a spiritual enlightment? Go to Ubud to one of many yoga retreats. Fancy a coffee? Go on the plantation to try kopi luwak, the most expensive and the best, as many say, coffee in the world. Let's go


Want to live in a fairy tale? Go to Rajasthan! If you ever dreamed about being a princess wandering through shaded rooms of romantic palace or being a powerful maharaja, riding an elephant, decorated in golden adornments, Rajasthan will fuel your imagination even more. Majestic forts, breathtaking palaces, narrow colorful streets of the cities, where shy ladies in vibrant saris, are covering their beautiful faces and men in huge turbans, called Pagari, go somewhere fast and with confidence. Let's go

New Delhi

Crazy place, but crazy usually means exciting. Wide, clean streets of New Delhi and narrow, hectic alleys of Old Delhi, both are worth to explore. Rikshas, tuktuks, motors, bicycles, cars, and many, many active, lively people. Everything here is an emotional experience. Sightseeing all these Unesco Heritage Sites like Humayun's Tomb or Qutb Minar. Shopping on the cheap Khan Market or in elegant center Hauz Khas Village. Eating in one of many street stalls or in the fancy restaurant. And above all meeting local energetic people. Let's go


Goa means relax. White, sandy beaches. Rows of palms. Boys playing cricket. Silent people doing yoga. Kids bathing in the ocean and ladies working on their perfect tan. When the hippies came to Goa in the 70s, they were looking for peace and love kind of land and they found it here, in the quiet and tolerant state of India. Half of century has passed since then. Today, these people are on many different life paths. But still a few with gray dreadlocks might be spotted here. And still all kinds of misfits, idealists and dreamers come to Goa. Let's go

North Vietnam

When I hear Northern Vietnam I see the beautiful nature of Ha Long Bay, Ninh Bihn region, and hills of Sapa. I think about meeting with interesting people like those from the Hmong or Dao tribe. I feel the excitement of a big city like Hanoi, which is energetic and full of life. In essence, Northern Vietnam has it all, amazing nature, wonderful wilderness and unbelievable landscapes, incredible people and marvelous culture and the capital city with it?s rich history, great entertainment offer and many attractions. Let's go

South Vietnam

Are you looking for paradise? Go to the South Vietnam, the unreal, tropical part of this beautiful country. Because you can find your paradise there, on the idyllic beaches or exotic island of Phu Quoc. Mystical Mekong delta you can explore by boat. In the narrow canals under palms leaves you can feel like in an adventure movie. It?s quite a different experience from walking the streets of a modern, bustling city like Ho Chi Min, which is interesting as well. Let's go

Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam is a great cultural experience.The imperial city of Hue, the capital of Nguyen dynasty, which ruled from 1802 to 1945, lets you see and feel the lifestyle of old rulers. The UNESCO World Heritage Town of Hoi An in time of full moon has the lantern festival, what is an unbelievable adventure. My Son ruins, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an impressive Hindu temple complex of Cham Empire. And you know what? It?s only a beginning. There is many, many more to see. Let's go
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It is easy to get some souvenirs while traveling. They stand at each stall and say: buy me, I am beautiful, local and I will remind you of this fascinating journey! I was sensitive to these questions, so I used to always buy some. Wooden Buddha, jade Ganesha, brass elephant, each of these things was indeed beautiful, but after a while, the figurines stopped to fit on the mantelpiece.

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Before going to Bali, there’s a number of things to consider, like where to stay and what to do. If you’re not sure yet, check out this list of the top 11 best places to visit while in Bali. When people think about Bali, they imagine the ocean, lush greenery, soaring mountains, secretive temples and beautiful, smiling people wearing sarongs. And you know what? They are right!

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A tour guide knows the place we came to as it’s his world. We are new there, often lost and unsure. We need someone whom we can trust, depend on, and who will get rid of our uncertainty. Guide’s job is often thought to be fascinating, but also demanding. It requires both knowledge and kindness. The guide is our host and he welcomes us into his world. Let’s get to know it!

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Priyanka, New Delhi guide explains why she is suchc a great guide. TripAmigos allows to book driver or guide before leaving home.