Best attractions in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

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Tanah Lot

The temple, lying on the lonely rock, always has something for you. During the low tide, gives you the way through. During the high tide, view of spectacular waves, crashing on the rock.
24 km away


This spectacular view of rice paddies can take your breath away. You can research innovative irrigation system, called subak as well. No wonder it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
25 km away

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

This elegant temple, surrounded by beautiful garden, is not only the place of religious importance and not only quiet, relaxing spot. It’s the symbol of Bali, pictured on the 50,000 rupiah bill.
29 km away

Mount Batur

Trekking on the Mount Batur can be quite a challenge, but worth the sweat. It’s an active volcano and the sacred mountain. And to see the sunrise from the top it’s the one of a kind experience.
33 km away

Blue Point Beach

If you want to feel like a pirate, who just came out on the land from his sailing-ship, go down the steep hill to this mysterious beach hidden between two cliffs. Maybe you will find the treasure chest there?
40 km away

Pura Taman Ayun

Taman Ayun means beautiful garden. This royal water temple is nice for the eyes and for the heart as well. Surrounded by the moat isolate you from the chaos and gives the feel of serenity.
11 km away

Bali Museum

A museum of art and history located in Denpasar.
1 km away

Museum Puri Lukisan

If you are an art lover, this place is for you. You will find here both traditional and modern Balinese art.
1 km away

Pura Kehen

If you are looking for attractions beautiful, yet of the beaten roads, go to Pura Kehen. You won’t meet many people and you will see interesting temple from XIII century.
13 km away

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