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Lotus Temple, New Delhi

Notable for its flowerlike shape, it serves as the Mother Temple of the Indian subcontinent. The building is composed of 27 free-standing marble-clad "petals" arranged in clusters of three to form nine sides, with nine doors opening onto a central hall with height of slightly over 40 meters and a capacity of 2,500 people.
10 km away

Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

The oldest and busiest market in Old Delhi, India.
2 km away

Jama Masjid, New Delhi

One of the largest mosques in India. It was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan between 1644 and 1656. The mosque was completed with three great gates, four towers and two 40 m high minarets constructed of strips of red sandstone and white marble. The courtyard can accommodate more than 25,000 persons. There are three domes on the terrace which are surrounded by the two minarets. On the floor, a total of 899 black borders are marked for worshippers.
3 km away

Sansad Bhavan, New Delhi

The house of the Parliament of India.The Parliament Museum, opened in 2006, stands next to the Parliament House.
3 km away

Shri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir, New Delhi

The oldest Jain temple in the capital, originally built in 1658. It is known for an avian veterinary hospital in a second building behind the main temple. It is known as the Jain Birds Hospital.
3 km away

Amar Jawan Jyoti

It is an Indian memorial constructed in December 1971 after the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 to commemorate the dead and unknown soldiers of the Indian Armed Forces who sacrificed their lives defending India.
3 km away

National Museum, New Delhi

One of the largest museums in India. Established in 1949, it holds variety of articles ranging from pre-historic era to modern works of art.
3 km away

Agrasen ki Baoli, New Delhi

A 60-meter long and 15-meter wide historical step well. Although there are no known historical records to prove who built Agrasen ki Baoli, it is believed that it was originally built by the legendary king Agrasen.
3 km away

Laxminarayan Temple (Birla Mandir), New Delhi

A Hindu temple up to large extent dedicated to Laxminarayan in Delhi. The temple is spread over 7.5 acres, adorned with many shrines, fountains, and a large garden, and also houses Geeta Bhawan for discourses. The temple is one of the major attractions of Delhi and attracts thousands of devotees on the festivals of Janmashtami and Diwali.
3 km away

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